Hutto Wrongful Death Lawyer

After being involved in an unexpected accident, most people eventually recover from their injuries. Even after being permanently disabled, people can turn to civil claims to seek the justice they deserve. However, some accidents sadly turn fatal. In these situations, the family members of a decedent can usually file a wrongful death claim to pursue financial compensation. A lawsuit can target a negligent defendant, aiming to hold them accountable for financial and emotional losses.

A Hutto wrongful death lawyer may be able to help you if a loved one has passed away because of the actions of another party. Our dedicated injury attorneys can help you pursue claims for damages against individual defendants, large corporations, or insurance companies after the death of a family member.

What Makes a Death Wrongful?

It is key to understand that not every death can be considered wrongful. Instead, a death can only warrant a civil claim in situations where a decedent could have filed an injury lawsuit if they survived the accident in question. Common accidents that might warrant a wrongful death claim include:

  • Car crashes
  • Fatal incidents on a dangerous property
  • Deaths caused by defective products
  • Criminal homicides

According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §71.004(a), a decedent’s immediate family members can serve as the plaintiff in a claim for damages after losing a loved one. A Hutto attorney can help people further understand the legal nuances that govern filing a wrongful death claim.

Potential Compensation After a Wrongful Death

While most injury claims aim to help a plaintiff get back on their feet, wrongful death lawsuits hope to compensate surviving family members for the financial and emotional impact of losing a loved one.

While state law establishes that reasonable compensation for emergency medical treatment and funeral expenses is always included in a wrongful death claim, TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §71.010, also states that the jury assessing a wrongful death claim has the power to award any compensation that they deem fair. For example, a compelling case might demand monetary damages for:

  • Loss of companionship
  • Loss of consortium
  • Any lost income that the decedent would have provided had they survived
  • A loss of guidance to children

A wrongful death lawyer in Hutto can help the family members of a decedent measure their losses and to demand fair compensation from the right defendant.

Let a Hutto Wrongful Death Attorney Help Bring Peace of Mind

The unexpected loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to bear. The simple shock of the loss can throw your life into immediate chaos. While handling medical bills and other expenses, you need to consider how this loss will affect your future.

Thankfully, a Hutto wrongful death lawyer can help you pursue the compensation needed to make things right. A dedicated team member can work to investigate the death, determine whether another party carries liability, and look for any relevant evidence from a parallel criminal case. Finally, our attorneys can protect your family’s rights during settlement talks and pursue the substantial compensation that you deserve. Contact our legal team today to learn more.

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