Hutto Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Injuries to the spine can be devastating in many different ways. They can cause debilitating pain and have drastic effects on your mobility. Therefore, spine damage can impact your quality of life by forcing you to sit on the sidelines instead of participating in the activities you have always enjoyed. If you can no longer perform the same job duties because of your injury, you might also begin to struggle financially.

These consequences might sound frightening and overwhelming, but a Hutto spinal cord injury lawyer is here to help. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney can review the circumstances of your accident to learn whether you could pursue financial compensation through a civil claim.

Explaining Hutto Spine Injuries

The spinal cord performs an essential function for the body by operating as a messenger from the brain. The brain sends signals to the other parts of the body about how to move through the nerves on the spinal cord. Spinal injuries occur when there is trauma to this cord. A traumatic blow to the spinal cord affects the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body.

The severity of the injury’s impacts depends on two factors: where on the spine the trauma occurs and how much damage the trauma did. Generally, people lose all or partial feeling/motor control below the area of the spine where the trauma occurs. If an accident completely severs the spinal cord’s nerves, the affected person would suffer a complete spinal injury, meaning that they lose all control and sensation below the affected area. With an incomplete injury, they might retain limited motor control and feeling.

Knowledgeable attorneys in Hutto understand the potential impact of a spinal cord injury and can review medical records to make sure that a client’s civil claim accounts for the severity of a particular accident.

Ways that Spine Injuries Often Occur

There are many different accidents that might cause spinal cord damage, including but not limited to:

  • Automobile crashes
  • Falls, particularly from heights such as from a ladder, scaffold, or forklift at a construction site
  • Sporting accidents
  • Recreational incidents
  • Acts of violence, including physical assaults, stabbings, and gunshot wounds

An experienced Hutto lawyer can investigate a particular spinal cord injury to see how it occurred. Legal representation can review evidence, search for any relevant new information, and help establish who might bear liability for offering compensation.

Let a Hutto Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Help You

After a spine injury, you might face many different challenges. In the short term, you might need surgery and hospitalization. In the long term, you might also face many difficulties. You will probably need to undergo a rehabilitation program focusing on preventing complications, regaining mobility, and helping you adjust to your new way of life. You might need to rely on others to care for your daily needs. If your family cannot meet your needs, you might need to hire a home health care aide or move to an assisted living facility. If you cannot return to work, your family might suffer without your economic contribution to the household.

A Hutto spinal cord injury lawyer understands that any damage to this region can take a toll on a survivor’s life. Fortunately, our legal team can work aggressively to help your family obtain the best chance of moving forward.

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