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Permanent paralysis is one of the most devastating outcomes an accident can have, and anyone who becomes paralyzed due to someone else’s negligence should take every measure possible to hold that person accountable. Unfortunately, knowing another person is responsible for paralyzing you and holding them legally liable for your ensuing losses are two very different things. People who pursue cases like this without guidance from seasoned legal representation often end up with unfavorable case results.

A seasoned Hutto paralysis injury lawyer’s support can make all the difference in the outcome of your unique case. From beginning to end of your legal proceedings, your dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you build the strongest possible case and demand comprehensive restitution within the time limits established by state law.

How Negligence Can Cause Paralysis

Paralysis stems from a disconnect between the brain and a certain part or area of the body, which generally means some part of the central nervous system connecting the two has been disrupted. This often happens through damage to the spinal cord, however, paralysis can also stem from traumatic brain damage, untreated medical emergencies such as strokes, and localized nerve damage due to a severe burn or laceration. Paralysis injuries can include paraplegia, which is total paralysis below the waist, or quadriplegia, total paralysis below the neck.

What matters most when it comes to filing suit over a paralyzing injury is not specifically how the injury happened, but if it happened due to another person’s negligence. In short, a person can be held liable for causing a paralyzing accident if they did something reckless or careless in violation of their duty of care.

Depending on the situation, legally actionable negligence could include traffic violations, poor property maintenance, or distracted driving by a commercial vehicle operator. A Hutto paralysis injury attorney can establish who holds the blame for a specific accident and help take proactive legal action against them.

Recovering Fairly Inside Filing Deadlines

A compelling civil claim after a paralysis injury can seek compensation for both the immediate impact of paralysis injury and the long-term side effects that a debilitating accident might have. For instance, potential compensation after a paralysis injury could include repayment for:

  • All medical expenses, including costs of rehabilitative therapy, surgeries, and assistive equipment
  • Personal property damage, including home/vehicle modification costs
  • Lost working ability and/or income
  • Reduced enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Psychological suffering and anguish

It is important to contact a skilled lawyer quickly after sustaining a debilitating injury in Hutto, since state law establishes that plaintiffs need to file their paralysis injury claim within two years of the accident. Our dedicated legal team can help with adhering to this time limit and retaining the right to financial compensation.

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No one deserves to suffer a permanent loss of motor and/or sensory function because of someone else’s irresponsible actions. If you were paralyzed by a negligent defendant, understanding and enforcing your right to pursue civil recovery could be vital to maximizing your quality of life.

A seasoned Hutto paralysis injury lawyer can provide the help you need to obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation.

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