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The process of leveling a building can be just as dangerous as putting one up, especially if workers and supervisors on site are not careful about following safety regulations and looking out for the wellbeing of other people nearby. Unfortunately, getting fair compensation for impact of a demolition accident can be difficult since the Lone Star State does not require construction companies of any kind to maintain workers’ compensation coverage for their employees.

However, you can still demand financial restitution after an incident like this if you understand your legal rights and work with a skilled construction injury attorney. An Austin demolition accident lawyer could review your options in detail during a private initial meeting and once retained, work diligently to get you and your family members paid what you deserve for your losses.

Demolition Injuries and Their Causes

It is worth emphasizing that while building demolition is certainly an involved and destructive process, it does not have to be hazardous. When everyone involved does their job carefully and safely, injuries and accidents can be easily avoided. However, if someone breaches their duty to act responsibility and instead does something careless, they may be legally liable for any ensuing injuries. For example, a negligent construction employee or company might need to compensate a plaintiff for cuts, blunt force trauma, spine damage, brain trauma, or other catastrophic injuries that happen during a building demolition.

Common examples of negligence during the building demolition process include:

  • Failure to clear loose debris before demolition
  • Failure to mark or handle loose wires that could cause electrocution
  • Failure to wear or offer the right safety equipment

Failure to implement adequate of handrails or safe walking paths on a demolition site

  • Poor site management and/or supervision
  • Poor planning leading to unexpected loss of structural integrity during demolition

An Austin demolition injury attorney can help take legal action over any of these forms of negligence by on-site workers, employers, or anyone else involved in a demolition project.

Possible Obstacles to Recovering for Demolition Injuries

“Non-subscriber” companies that choose not to purchase workers’ comp coverage for their employees can be held directly liable for any injuries incurred while leveling a building. However, during the process of filing a civil claim for demolition injuries, an employee might face allegations of comparative negligence. For example, if a construction worker did not wear appropriate safety gear or was standing someplace they should not have been during demo work, they could be subject to a reduction from their final damage award’s value, in proportion to whatever share of “comparative fault” they hold for their injuries.

Additionally, Texas state law allows most people who get hurt through another person’s negligence just two years after their initial injury to begin filing suit over it, even if their injuries are expected to have permanent and debilitating consequences. Once again, support from a seasoned demolition accident lawyer in Austin can be vital to building a strong claim and avoiding frustrating procedural roadblocks.

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Acting responsibly and in line with safety rules and recommendations is always vital during any kind of construction work. However, it can be especially important for everyone involved in demolition work to fulfill their “duty of care” towards everyone else around them. Anyone who did not do this and caused you harm as a result should be held financially accountable for their misconduct.

An Austin demolition accident lawyer can be your ally from start to finish of your unique case. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about your legal options.

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