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As the centerpiece of the central nervous system, the spinal cord plays a vital role in transmitting instructions for just about every conscious and unconscious bodily function from the brain to the appropriate body part. Unfortunately, the bundle of nerves inside the spine is also susceptible to suffering permanent damage if it endures a severe external impact. For instance, someone might be paralyzed for life after suffering damage to the spine.

If someone else’s negligence led directly to you damaging your spine, taking proactive legal action against them with a capable catastrophic injury attorney’s help can be vital to protecting your best interests now and for years to come. Aside from seeking emergency medical care, contacting an Austin spinal cord injury lawyer should be your top priority after an accident resulting in any kind of spine damage.

Recovering for Different Types of Spinal Cord Trauma

Because the spinal cord cannot heal on its own after suffering external trauma, injuries of this nature are generally debilitating and permanent. However, the extent to which spinal cord damage alters an impacted person’s life can change substantially depending on the location and type of injury they sustained.

Thankfully, when a person’s misconduct leads to another person suffering a spinal cord injury, the injured person can demand restitution from the negligent person for all their past and future medical expenses, physical and psychological suffering, and lost work income. Additionally, if the injury is  “complete” and causes permanent paralysis, a plaintiff can also seek compensation for reduced work ability, lost enjoyment of daily life, and more.

As an Austin spinal cord accident attorney could affirm, recoverable damages in cases like this depend on the actual impact an injury has on an injured person, not just the type of injury they sustained. For example, someone who becomes paraplegic—paralyzed permanently below the waist—in an accident and works primarily as a manual laborer would likely be able to pursue compensation for lost earning capacity, since they might not be able to return to that type of work again. However, this might not be possible for someone who suffers the same injury but has worked a desk job their whole life, since they can still likely perform their job duties.

Filing Deadlines for Austin Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Another legal limitation when building a spinal cord injury lawsuit is the statute of limitations for civil claims. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, most prospective plaintiffs have just two years after sustaining injury to file a claim.

This deadline applies just as much to permanent injuries as it does to injuries that will heal completely over time. With this in mind, speaking with a lawyer sooner rather than later after a spinal cord injury in Austin can be key to protecting an injured person’s right to recover.

An Austin Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Can Help

Spinal cord trauma is a devastating outcome for any accident to have, especially one caused solely by another person’s misconduct. After your accident, the quality of legal counsel you retain to help you pursue fair financial recovery can make a world of difference.

The help you need to get the restitution you deserve is available from a seasoned Austin spinal cord injury lawyer. Call today for a private meeting.

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