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Scaffolding provides construction workers and other real estate service providers with essential access to otherwise unreachable parts of buildings throughout Austin. However, if workers do not construct and maintain the scaffolding properly, it can pose an extreme danger to those who use or go near it. A partial or total scaffolding collapse or other scaffold accident can inflict severe injuries on workers and members of the public.

If you or a loved one were involved in a scaffolding accident, you have a legal right to demand compensation for your pain and suffering. A proactive Austin scaffolding accident lawyer can help you claim damages. Contact an experienced construction injury attorney at Felix Gonzalez Law Firm today to find out what they can do for you.

The Potential Dangers That Unsafe Scaffolding Poses

Scaffolding is a temporary elevated platform and supporting structure the construction industry uses to give workers access to high areas outside and inside buildings. It provides a surface where they can stand and store materials and equipment. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration promotes detailed regulations governing the safe construction, engineering, and use of scaffolding. These rules exist because scaffolds can greatly endanger workers and the public.

A scaffold may collapse if construction workers do not assemble or use the structure correctly, if its construction uses substandard materials, or if it carries more weight than it can support. Anyone on or near the breaking structure may suffer severe or fatal injuries. Workers can also fall from scaffolding—often due to shoddy construction, debris cluttering the scaffold platform, or a worker not wearing the required safety equipment.

Scaffolds can also pose dangers to members of the public passing below them. Failure to follow safe practices when using scaffolds can lead to materials, tools, and other objects falling from heights, endangering anyone on the ground. These and other incidents may entitle injured individuals to take legal action with the help of a skilled Austin scaffolding accident attorney.

Recoverable Damages for Those Injured in Scaffolding Accidents

Survivors of scaffolding accidents have the right to receive comprehensive compensation for their injuries. This entitlement also applies to the surviving spouses and families of individuals who lost their lives in scaffolding incidents. The primary job of a scaffolding accident lawyer in Austin is to secure the maximum payments available to injured people or their families.

Individuals, businesses, or organizations that cause scaffolding accidents through dangerous actions or omissions can face liability for the incident. Through a lawsuit or insurance claim, an injured person may obtain payment from the liable party for:

  • Emotional anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Injury-related medical expenses
  • Lost income and future working capacity

Likewise, the spouse or family members of an individual who loses their life in a scaffolding accident may claim damages for the loss of their loved one’s financial support, services, companionship, guidance, or consortium.

Contact a Seasoned Austin Scaffolding Accident Attorney at Our Firm

Scaffolding is a useful but dangerous feature of many construction and job sites in Austin. Businesses and individuals who build, maintain, and use scaffolding must follow detailed regulations to ensure everyone’s safety. Any lapse in compliance can lead to a disastrous accident that inflicts severe or fatal trauma.

When you or someone you love sustains injuries in a scaffolding incident, Felix Gonzalez Law Firm can help you explore your options for seeking financial recovery. We represent injured people and grieving families in lawsuits and insurance claims against the party at fault for failing to ensure scaffolding safety. Call a dedicated Austin scaffolding accident lawyer at our firm today for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.

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