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Even a small error, omission, or deviation from approved blueprints while assembling any kind of structure can have devastating consequences, often in the form of an unexpected collapse. While these kinds of accidents thankfully do not happen every day, they do happen often enough to impact thousands of lives every single year, many of them to construction workers.

Filing a lawsuit and recovering compensation for the effects of a building collapse can be an exceptionally complex process even by the usual standards of construction injury litigation, and you will almost certainly need a seasoned industrial accident attorney’s help in order to achieve a favorable case result. With a knowledgeable Austin building collapse lawyer on your side, you have far better chances of holding the right parties accountable and recovering the compensation you deserve.

Who Is Liable for a Structural Failure?

Unfortunately, injuries and deaths caused by unexpected building collapses tend to be especially hard to file suit over, often because of how hard it can be to determine how a collapse happened in the first place. Investigations into structural failures that result in no injuries or loss of life whatsoever can still take years to complete, especially when many people got hurt or multiple people are to blame.

Depending on the circumstances of a building collapse, potential defendants in a third-party lawsuit may include:

  • The owner of the land where the structural failure occurred
  • The company or companies responsible for the building’s design and/or construction
  • Individual contractors and suppliers that provided labor and materials during construction
  • Landlords who failed to ensure property was regularly inspected and maintained in safe condition
  • Local and state inspectors who failed to notice serious structural faults which could lead to a collapse

Assistance from an Austin building collapse attorney can be essential throughout every stage of the investigation process. A dedicated lawyer can collect and analyze important evidence, interview various parties involved in construction as well as witnesses and survivors of the collapse, and build a comprehensive civil claim against everyone who played a role in the accident.

Recovering Fairly for All Available Damages

Being nearby a collapsing structure can be immensely dangerous, resulting in long-lasting injuries that are expensive to treat and difficult to recover from. Anyone injured as a direct result of a building collapse can typically file suit over any and all damages they have suffered and will suffer because of the incident, including losses like medical bills, lost working capacity, physical pain, and emotional and psychological distress.

If someone loses their life in an Austin building collapse, a qualified lawyer can help surviving family members of that person demand compensation for their own ensuing losses, including funeral and burial costs, lost future financial support, lost love and companionship, and more. While a wrongful death claim after a building collapse cannot make up for losing a loved one, it can help a family keep their financial future on track.

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No amount of money can completely erase the trauma that a sudden structural failure can cause, especially if it leads to a family member’s premature death. At the very least, after these accidents, demanding fair financial recovery can help stabilize your family’s finances and offer some measure of support as you deal with the long-term physical and emotional effects of this tragedy.

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