Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Seguin

People involved in side-impact truck accidents in Seguin are at risk of experiencing severe physical, emotional, and financial damages. If a truck crashed into the side of your vehicle, your injuries might require you to spend days or weeks at doctors’ appointments and undergoing medical procedures and rehabilitation. The trauma of the accident can overwhelm you and lead you to seek help for your mental anguish and depression. If you need to take time away from work to recuperate, you might be feeling burdened with your unpaid medical bills and other expenses.

A seasoned truck accident lawyer can provide legal guidance and help you pursue comprehensive financial recovery.

Reasons Why Side-Impact Truck Collisions Are So Dangerous

Because the sides of cars are usually the weakest points, any time one vehicle T-bones another vehicle, the resulting damage to the struck vehicle can be immense. When vehicles sustain impacts from the front or back, people have airbags, seatbelts, bumpers, a trunk, and even the vehicle’s steel frame to protect them. While some newer vehicle models have side-impact airbags, the vehicle’s doors are usually the only protection from a side collision. When the colliding vehicle is a large commercial truck, the potential for serious damage and severe injuries rises due to the massive size differential between trucks and standard passenger cars.

Knowledgeable Seguin lawyers understand how traumatic side-impact collisions can be and can work diligently to help people recover the financial compensation they deserve.

Potential Defendants in Lawsuits After T-Bone Truck Crashes

With due care and reasonable actions, side-impact accidents are almost always preventable. They usually occur due to someone’s negligence.

Truck Driver

These types of accidents can occur when a truck driver drives distractedly, aggressively, recklessly, drunk, or while fatigued. When a trucker is impaired, in a rush, or not giving their full attention to their driving duties, they might fail to yield or stop at an intersection, which could lead to them crashing into the side of another vehicle.

Trucking Companies that Employ the Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are not the only parties to blame in side-impact collisions. Trucking companies can be held responsible for the negligent actions of their employees. If the trucking company did not do their due diligence and perform a background check to see if the driver had a clean driving record before hiring them, they could be held liable.

Trucking companies could be legally at fault if the evidence shows that they encourage their drivers to violate traffic and trucking laws to meet overly strict deadlines. A trucking company could also be to blame if they overloaded their vehicles to save on shipping costs or failed to maintain their vehicles.


An injured person might be able to pursue damages against a mechanic for failing to make proper repairs.

An experienced Seguin legal team can comb through the evidence to determine what went wrong and who is legally at fault for the T-bone truck crash.

Talk to a Seguin Attorney About Side-Impact Truck Accidents

Side-impact truck accidents in Seguin frequently have life-altering and even fatal consequences. If you or your family experienced harm in one of these dangerous crashes, you deserve help. A trusted legal professional can help you pursue compensation that would allow you to rebuild your life. Talk to a skilled attorney today to learn more.

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