Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Seguin

There is no excuse for getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. When a driver is operating a large commercial vehicle, it is even less acceptable. While every motorist owes a duty of care to others on the road, commercial drivers owe a higher duty of care because they are professional drivers. Truck drivers should never drive while intoxicated or impaired by drugs. Unfortunately, drunk driving truck accidents in Seguin can occur and often result in devastating consequences.

If a drunk tractor-trailer driver caused your accident, a well-versed truck crash lawyer can help you seek justice in a civil lawsuit.

Federal Rules Regarding Drunk Driving and Truck Drivers

A drunk driver can weave out of their lane into other lanes or even into oncoming traffic. The judgment and reaction time of a drunk driver is compromised because they are not in control of their faculties. While every drunk driver is a danger to others on the road, truck drivers pose an even greater risk to fellow drivers due to the weight and size of the tractor-trailers they are operating. An 18-wheeler piloted by a drunk driver can crush smaller vehicles, resulting in devastating injuries to the occupants of a car.

Although the legal blood alcohol limit for most drivers in Texas is 0.08 percent, commercial drivers are held to a higher standard. Truck drivers must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of less than 0.04 percent. If a truck driver has a BAC level greater than 0.04 percent, they will lose their commercial driver’s license.

A diligent legal team understands how much damage drunk truck drivers can do and can work tirelessly to get an injured person fair compensation after their semi-truck wreck in Seguin.

Who Is Potentially Liable for a Seguin DUI Trucking Crash?

A truck driver who chose to operate their vehicle while drunk can be held liable in a civil claim. If the police administered a breathalyzer test at the scene of the crash and the trucker’s BAC exceeded the legal limit, a seasoned legal team can use that as evidence of the trucker’s negligence.

The truck driver’s employer could also be held liable for their negligent employee’s actions. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration requires trucking companies to periodically screen their drivers to ensure they are not driving while intoxicated. If the trucking company failed to perform regular testing of their employees or ignored a positive test of a trucker who later causes an accident, they could be legally responsible for losses from the accident. The trucking company could also be at fault if they knowingly hired a driver with a history of DUIs or failed to conduct a background test before hiring.

A skilled local lawyer can examine the details of a crash to determine and look for proof of liability.

Work With a Seguin Attorney After an Accident Caused by an Intoxicated Truck Driver

Drunk driving truck accidents in Seguin should never happen. If a trucker chose to drive while they were intoxicated and caused an injury to you or your family member, that truck driver and their employer could be legally responsible for the cost of your losses.

Work with a dedicated legal team today on building a solid claim.

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