Fatigued Truck Drivers in Seguin Accidents

Truck drivers perform work that is vital to the economy every day by transporting important cargo to various destinations. To deliver their freight on time, some truckers must drive through the night or for long hours, which can cause them to feel exhausted and struggle to safely operate their vehicles. Fatigued truck drivers in Seguin accidents result in a serious risk of injury to others on the road.

If you suspect a drowsy truck driver caused a wreck that harmed you or your loved one, a dedicated 18-wheeler accident lawyer might be able to help you pursue the justice you deserve.

Why Are Fatigued Truckers Dangerous?

When a truck driver is overly tired, many problems can occur. Their judgment is compromised, and they have slower reaction times. If the car in front of them starts to slow down, they might not notice until it is too late for their truck to safely come to a full stop. If a drowsy trucker falls asleep, even for a split-second, their vehicle could drift into other lanes, endangering many people.

A well-practiced Seguin attorney understands the risks that drowsy truck drivers pose and can work diligently to fight back for fair compensation after an accident.

Hours of Service Limitations on Truckers in Seguin

The federal government is aware that fatigued truck drivers are more apt to cause accidents than drivers who have gotten sufficient rest. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted hours of service limitations. The federal rules restrict the number of hours that truck drivers can be behind the wheel in a given time period, and also set forth mandatory rest periods. Truck drivers can only drive for set periods of time and then must observe strict off-duty hours. They must also take 30 consecutive minutes of break time after they have driven for eight hours straight.

How to Prove that a Trucker Exceeded the Driving Time Restrictions

An experienced lawyer can carefully review critical evidence to look for proof of an hours-of-service violation. Among the evidence an attorney can consider are the following:

  • The trucker’s electronic logbook, which specifically details their driving hours and break times
  • The truck’s GPS, which an attorney could use to calculate how far the truck traveled
  • The truck driver’s cell phone records, bank records, or credit card statements
  • Communication between the truck driver and their employer, which could reveal if the trucking company directly instructed them to drive for longer than they should. Alternatively, the employer may have indirectly encouraged the trucker to drive for too long by basing their pay scale on the number of deliveries within a specified timeframe

When a trucker drives for longer than the federally mandated hours of service, a seasoned legal team can use that as evidence of the truck driver’s and employer’s negligence. However, proving that a collision in Seguin was caused by a tired truck driver violating the driving hours rules is not always simple and requires the persistence of a proactive legal team.

Speak With a Seguin Attorney About Fatigued Trucker Accidents

Fatigued truck driver accidents in Seguin pose a serious hazard to others on the road. Truck drivers who choose to stay behind the wheel of a large commercial vehicle while drowsy should be held accountable. If employers allow truckers to drive while tired, they should also be liable for any injuries resulting from an accident.

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