Overloaded/Overweight Truck Accidents in Seguin

Even when empty, commercial tractor-trailer trucks weigh considerably more than most other vehicles on the road. When a truck carries excess cargo, its increased weight can cause instability and make it harder to maneuver. Overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Seguin pose a serious risk of danger to other drivers.

If you believe that an overloaded truck contributed to your wreck, you might be feeling confused and have questions about next steps you can take. A seasoned truck accident attorney can help you find answers and work toward pursuing a civil claim for compensation.

Truck Weight Standards

To protect the safety of everyone on the road and reduce the wear and tear on roadways, overpasses, and bridges frequented by trucks, the federal government and the Texas state government have both enacted weight limits for commercial trucks. The maximum weight capacity of a loaded truck depends on a truck’s number of axles, but, generally, the most a truck can legally weigh is 80,000 pounds.

Highways often have designated weigh stations where truck drivers can check the weight of their vehicles, which means there is no excuse for overloading a truck. Unfortunately, some trucking companies intentionally overload their trucks to meet strict shipping deadlines. These trucking companies try to maximize their potential profits without considering how they are endangering other drivers, thereby putting their own interests ahead of public safety.

If a truck driver or trucking company receives a citation for exceeding the legally permissible weight capacity, a person injured by the overloaded truck could use that citation as evidence the driver or their employer was legally negligent and at fault for the crash. A trusted Seguin lawyer can fight for justice by holding the at-fault driver and their employer legally responsible for the overloaded tractor-trailer collision.

Why Do Overweight Trucks Pose a Danger?

Big rigs are harder to operate than passenger cars. Trucks require skill, practice, and experience to maneuver successfully, especially when they are fully loaded.

Harder to Stop

Heavier trucks take much longer to come to a full stop. When a commercial truck is overloaded, even the most experienced truck driver might not know how long it will take for the truck to stop, which could lead to the truck rear-ending the vehicle in front of it.

Jackknife Risk

Overweight trucks are also prone to jackknife accidents. When a truck driver tries to apply their brakes to make an abrupt stop, the overloaded truck might begin to jackknife, which causes the truck’s trailer to swing out to the side.


Overloaded trucks are harder to maneuver and are inherently more unstable. They can become imbalanced more easily. When a truck driver tries to make a sharp turn, the overweight truck could roll over.

Damage to the Truck

Requiring a truck to carry excess cargo can lead to wear and tear on the truck, increasing the risk of a mechanical error leading to an accident.

A skilled legal team in Seguin can examine the details of an overweight truck crash and search for evidence to build a solid case.

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Overloaded/overweight truck accidents in Seguin should never occur. Truck drivers and trucking companies should adhere to the federal and state weight limitations. If you learn that a truck was overloaded at the time of an accident, you might be able to sue the truck driver and their employer for compensation.

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