Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Seguin

Large trucks are a constant presence in Seguin, especially on and around Interstate 10. While these trucks are helpful to the economy and development of the local community, they also pose a large danger to other drivers on the road.

Commercial vehicles usually have large blind spots that can make it difficult for their operators to avoid collisions. Additionally, the vast difference in size and weight between semi-trucks and normal passenger vehicles means that when these collisions do occur, they often result in devastating injuries.

When you have been injured in a blind-spot truck accident in Seguin, an experienced attorney can help you manage your case, investigate the crash, and seek fair compensation for your injuries.

Responsibility for Blind-Spot Crashes

Semi-trucks’ blind spots tend to be larger than other vehicles and, therefore, much more likely to cause collisions on the roads of Seguin. The blind spots on some trucks extend the full length of the cab and trailer and up to two lanes to the truck’s side. Additionally, the height of most semi-trucks creates blind spots between 20 to 30 feet directly in front of and behind the semi-truck. Blind-spot accidents are possible any time a truck is changing lanes, making a turn, backing up, or coming to a stop.

In many situations, these types of wrecks are caused by the operator of the semi-truck. All drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a reasonably safe manner. A driver’s failure to properly clear their blind spots before making a maneuver can open them up to liability for the consequences.

Additionally, the trucking company could also be responsible for the crash if it failed to properly train the driver. Finally, the designer or manufacturer of the truck may be responsible for the accident if their mistake in the truck’s production led to the crash. A skilled lawyer can help an injured person investigate the cause of their wreck and identify the appropriate responsible party.

Avoiding Blind-Spot Accidents

Although truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely, other drivers in Seguin should observe certain practices to be safe around semi-trucks and minimize the chances of blind-spot accidents, including:

Avoid Driving in Blind Spots

The exact blind spots may vary, but a good rule is that if a driver cannot see the truck operator’s reflection in their mirrors, then the truck operator cannot see the driver either.

Pass Quickly

Passing a semi-truck requires driving through a blind spot, but be sure to move through the space quickly after signaling clearly. Additionally, semi-truck blind spots are usually larger on the vehicle’s right-hand side, so always pass on the left.

Avoid Cutting Off the Truck

Remember that the truck driver has a blind spot in front of their vehicle as well, so they may not be able to see a car that cuts in front of them too closely.

Look Out for the Semi-Truck’s Signals

Paying close attention to the commercial vehicle’s brake lights and turn signals can help other drivers on the road anticipate the commercial vehicle’s movements and allow them to give the truck a wide berth.

When the injured person complied with the above steps before a wreck, it may be easier for them to prove they did not cause the crash. An attorney can help make sure the trucking company or insurance company does not unfairly attempt to shift blame onto the injured person.

Contact a Seguin Attorney After a Blind-Spot Semi-Truck Crash

Commercial vehicles can cause serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment. These injuries may also force you to miss time at work, causing you to have a lower income at a time when you can least afford it.

You do not have to bear these costs on your own. An attorney can help you investigate the crash, calculate your damages, and assert your right to compensation for your injuries. Reach out to a lawyer with experience handling blind-spot truck accidents in Seguin today.

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