Leander Demolition Accident Lawyer

If performed by qualified workers who are following reasonable safety regulations and precautions, the process of demolishing a building is no more dangerous than any other type of construction work. Unfortunately, not everyone who works on demo sites acts perfectly reasonably all the time, and this can lead to accidents with devastating repercussions for other workers, supervisors, or passers-by.

While you might have a right to file a civil claim against someone whose misconduct led to you getting hurt during a building demolition, making effective use of those rights can be prohibitively difficult without a seasoned construction injury attorney on your side. By working closely with a capable Leander demolition accident lawyer, you can significantly improve your chances of establishing someone else’s fault for your injuries and maximizing the potential of your civil claim.

How Negligence Can Cause Injuries During Demo Work

Many of the same hazards that can pop up during construction work can also affect people performing demolition work, such as slips and falls and negligent operation of heavy equipment. However, there are also many dangerous aspects of demo work that are somewhat unique to this particular type of project, at least in terms of the likelihood of getting hurt on the job.

For example, while loose objects or building materials can impact someone walking or working at ground level on a typical construction site, the danger of falling objects is more prevalent during demolition work thanks to the increased prevalence of loose debris. Likewise, explosions, fires, and electrocution are all possible outcomes of someone failing to be diligent about disconnecting power and gas lines prior to demo work beginning.

No matter exactly how an accident during demolition happens, though, any person who contributes to it by acting carelessly or recklessly may hold civil liability for any injuries they cause. Thankfully, a Leander demolition accident attorney can provide crucial help with identifying potentially liable parties and taking effective legal action against them.

Fighting Allegations of Comparative Fault After a Demolition Injury

Importantly, someone who files a lawsuit against or demands a settlement from someone they believe caused their demolition accident is not immune from being found negligent themselves. For instance, Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §§33.001 through 33.017 gives courts the authority to assign a percentage of total fault to a personal injury plaintiff based on the extent to which they think that plaintiff is responsible for causing their injuries through their own misconduct.

Then, the court can reduce the total compensation available to that plaintiff in proportion to their share of total fault. If the plaintiff holds more than 50 percent of the total fault for a specific accident, the court can bar them from recovery altogether. Once again, assistance from a seasoned lawyer in Leander can be vital to effectively contesting accusations of comparative negligence after a debilitating demolition accident.

Consider Working With a Leander Demolition Accident Attorney

Demolition work can be dangerous in numerous ways, many of which stem primarily from another person’s irresponsible actions. If you believe someone else’s misconduct is directly responsible for an injury you suffered while demolishing a building, you should make speaking with legal counsel about your recovery options a top priority.

A Leander demolition accident lawyer is ready and available to help you make the most of your unique case. Call today to learn more.

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