Leander Construction Site Slip and Fall Accidents

Given all the heavy machinery and sometimes even heavier construction materials present on the average construction site, it might surprise most people to know that most injuries on these kinds of sites come from fairly innocuous causes. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about a third of all on-the-job fatalities among workers in the construction industry come from accidental slips or trips and falls.

Leander construction site slip and fall accidents can often serve as strong grounds for civil litigation. However, if you try to pursue a claim like this without a seasoned construction injury attorney on your side, you are very likely to end up with an unsatisfactory case result that leaves you without any compensation for the harm you have sustained.

What Causes Construction Slips and Falls?

Even on construction sites where everyone is diligent about following safety regulations and acting responsibly, there are no shortage of slipping and tripping hazards. Some particularly common sources of slips and falls on Leander construction sites include:

  • Damaged or uneven stairs
  • Poorly secured or broken handrails
  • Dim lighting
  • Standing water or ice from inclement weather
  • Loose or uneven floorboards and/or carpeting
  • Discarded trash, materials, and/or tools cluttering walkways
  • Unsecured electrical cords
  • Lack of functioning safety equipment

Depending on the circumstances, hazards like these may result in someone falling to the ground or even tripping down an entire story. Either way, severe injuries like muscle and tendon tears, broken bones, and traumatic damage to the brain, and wrongful death are all common outcomes of slips and falls on job sites. After this kind of accident, a dedicated attorney can investigate the source of the hazard and help an injured construction worker get started on their claims process.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Even if a slipping or tripping hazard stems from one person’s completely innocuous error or mistake, that person—and potentially the company which they work for—might face blame for the consequences of the resulting accident and injuries. More specifically, a negligent defendant may be liable to pay for both the economic and non-economic impact of a Leander construction site slip and fall, as well as the claimant’s past and future losses relative to when the civil litigation process begins.

Economic damages typically center around past, current, and predicted future medical care. However, it is also generally possible to recover for other financial forms of harm, such as lost work income, reduced earning capacity, and personal property damage.

On the non-economic side of things, compensable losses may include physical pain, psychological and emotional distress, lost consortium, and lost overall enjoyment of life. A knowledgeable legal professional could go into further detail during a private initial meeting about what damages a particular person may be eligible to recover for after tripping and falling at their construction job.

Contact a Leander Attorney for Help After a Construction Site Slip and Fall Accident

Getting hurt in a sudden fall on a construction site can have deceptively long-lasting effects on your physical health, livelihood, and family life. If you believe an incident like this happened mainly or entirely because of another person’s misconduct, you should strongly consider contacting our legal team to discuss a possible lawsuit.

Help is available after Leander construction site slip and fall accidents from dedicated attorneys who know how to fight on behalf of hard-working people like you. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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