Leander Building Collapse Lawyer

While structural failures in large buildings are fairly rare, several high-profile disasters in recent years have shown all too clearly that these types of incidents do still happen from time to time. When a building does collapse, it can be exceptionally devastating for everyone involved. Additionally, if you were injured due to a structural failure that occurred while you were performing construction or renovation work, you may have an exceptionally difficult time getting the compensation you deserve without help from a seasoned legal professional.

Fortunately, the assistance you may need is available from a Leander building collapse lawyer with experience handling cases very much like yours successfully in the past. Whether you just need help covering short-term medical expenses or you sustained life-altering injuries that will never completely heal, working closely with a capable construction accident attorney could greatly improve your chances of getting fair financial restitution for all your past and future losses.

How Negligence Can Cause Buildings to Collapse

Perhaps the single biggest obstacle to efficient civil recovery after a building collapse and injures someone is the fact that these accidents rarely stem from a single person’s obvious act of negligence. More often, there are myriad small mistakes and omissions by several people that all combine to cause a building collapse. Furthermore, identifying all the factors and people that played a role in a structural failure can take years of careful investigation and analysis.

That said, some of the most common ways someone’s irresponsible actions can increase the risk of a structural failure include:

  • Miscalculations or errors during the design stage of a construction project
  • Cracks or other problems during installation of a building’s foundation
  • Defective building materials
  • Improper use of heavy machinery and/or tools
  • Unaddressed water damage over time
  • Individual mistakes by onsite workers

In most cases, the party most at fault for this sort of incident is the company responsible for managing the building’s construction and/or maintenance. That said, every case is unique, and guidance from a knowledgeable Leander building collapse attorney can be crucial to determining exactly who bears the blame for a specific incident.

Recovery Options After a Building Collapse Injury

Since state law does not require employers to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, not every person injured in a building collapse will necessarily have access to workers’ comp benefits. Fortunately, anyone whose employer has not provided them with workers’ comp coverage can generally file suit directly against their employer for negligence which contributed to causing the collapse.

Likewise, any third party whose reckless or careless misconduct directly contributed to a building collapse can be held liable for their actions through third-party litigation, completely separate from any ongoing workers’ comp claim. A building collapse lawyer in Leander can go into more detail about the directions a particular case could go in during a confidential consultation.

Talk to a Leander Building Collapse Attorney About Your Options

Building collapses are immensely traumatic experiences that can cause life-changing injuries for anyone involved. No matter what types of injuries you suffered after you were working on a building that failed structurally, you have important legal rights. Thankfully, a Leander building collapse lawyer understands your rights and can help you find the best way to pursue justice. Reach out today to get started on your case process.

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