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The lack of safety features like airbags, seatbelts, or even an enclosed vehicle frame on motorcycles compared to commuter cars can make even low-speed traffic accidents dangerous for bikers. Holding a negligent driver responsible for hitting you on your motorcycle can be complicated. Juries and judges do not always give bikers the benefit of the doubt when assigning blame for a crash.

Seeking help from a skilled personal injury attorney after a serious motorcycle wreck can be vital to achieving a positive case result. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, a capable Copperas Cove motorcycle accident lawyer can provide the custom guidance you may need to enforce your rights without facing common legal and procedural roadblocks.

Recovering for All Available Damages

Given the disparity in size, weight, and protection, collisions between cars and motorcycles tend to have severe consequences for bikers and their passengers. People involved in wrecks like this may be lucky to walk away with minor injuries like bone fractures or ligament tears that will heal completely with time and proper treatment. More severe crashes may cause permanent damage, such as brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, or even limb amputation.

Fortunately, a successful settlement demand or lawsuit against a person responsible for causing a motorcycle wreck can incorporate all past and future consequences of an incident and seek restitution for their full value. Compensation can include economic damages like medical bills and lost work income and more subjective non-economic harm like psychological trauma and physical pain. A seasoned attorney in Copperas Cove can help identify all losses that might be compensable after a motorcycle collision, ensure immediately apparent ones are valuated appropriately, and make reasonably accurate estimates of the value of expected future losses.

How Fault Works in Motorcycle Crash Claims

The fact that motor vehicle drivers are much less likely to be seriously hurt in motorcycle collisions than motorcyclists does not mean courts automatically assume those drivers are to blame for every accident of this nature. To recover compensation, an injured motorcyclist must show the wreck would not have occurred if a driver did not act recklessly or carelessly. For example, a person going over the speed limit or driving distracted.

Additionally, it can be crucial to disprove allegations from a defendant driver that an injured motorcyclist bears partial blame for causing their injuries. Texas state law allows courts to assign a percentage of total fault to injury victims and proportionately reduce their damage award’s value based on their share of responsibility. Any person found equally or mostly to blame for their motorcycle accident in Copperas Cove compared to all defendants combined may be ineligible to receive any compensation, as a knowledgeable lawyer can further explain.

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Motorcycle crashes cause life-altering injuries to thousands of Texans each year, often under circumstances where just one other person’s misconduct is to blame for their misfortune. In a situation like this, taking prompt legal action can be vital to lessening the financial blow of emergency medical bills or bike repairs and ensuring your injuries do not lead to long-term damage to your overall quality of life.

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