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Many Copperas Cove residents love boating. A day on the water is an excellent way to have fun with friends or relax with family. Unfortunately, if a boater is negligent, a wonderful day with loved ones can quickly turn tragic. After sustaining injuries in a watercraft accident, the first and most critical step is seeking medical care immediately.

After receiving treatment, reaching out to a skilled injury attorney can help you get the fair and just settlement amount you deserve. A knowledgeable Copperas Cove boat accident lawyer can investigate the crash to determine the cause and liable parties.

What Usually Causes Boat Crashes?

According to the American Boating Association, there are approximately 5,000 recreational boat crashes every year. While an accident can occur for countless reasons, some situations are more common than others. Typical causes of watercraft and boating-related wrecks include but are not limited to:

Inexperienced Boating

While state law requires everyone under 25 years old to take a boating course, local waters still contain many inexperienced or first-time boat operators. Unfortunately, this inexperience can lead to many accidents, including capsizing and crashes with other vessels and watercraft.

Operator Inattention, Speed, or Recklessness

Boaters must always remain attentive and follow safety regulations. Operating with distractions or speeding recklessly can cause a sudden and catastrophic accident.

Boating While Under the Influence

It is unlawful to operate any personal watercraft or vessel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Operators give their implied consent for drug and alcohol testing by using any waterway in the state. If an officer finds any boater is driving their watercraft while under the influence, this person could face criminal and civil penalties.

Determining exactly how a negligent boater caused a crash is crucial in the civil case process, and a knowledgeable attorney in Copperas Cove can take the lead.

Common Injuries Seen in Boat Accidents

A crash on the water can lead to catastrophic and life-changing injuries. Some of the most common include:

● Severe lacerations

● Soft tissue injuries

● Broken or fractured bones

● Spinal cord injuries

● Traumatic brain damage

● Severe burn injuries

● Drowning

Any of these injuries deserve extensive medical attention and substantial monetary damages. A dedicated lawyer in Copperas Cove can help an injured boat driver factor these injuries into their unique accident claim.

Recreational Boating Rules and Regulations

There are legislation and safety regulations that every boater must follow when on waterways. If a judge finds that a defendant did not follow these precautions, they will hold this reckless defendant financially accountable for an accident and resulting injuries.

As per the Texas Parks and Wildlife Water Safety Act, recreational boat operators must report accidents that involve damage of more than $2,000 within 15 days. After receiving the report, an investigator from the Texas Parks and Wildlife will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause. After this analysis is complete, a detail-oriented attorney in Copperas Cove can review the report and use it to prove liability.

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Recreational boating is an excellent way to make fun memories with friends and family. However, a negligent boater can turn a fantastic day into a dangerous situation without warning.

All boat and watercraft operators must do their part by following safety regulations and using common sense to avoid causing harm to others. State laws will hold negligent parties accountable when careless or reckless behavior causes an unnecessary crash or serious injuries. If someone else’s negligence on the water hurt you, reach out to a Copperas Cove boat accident lawyer about seeking justice.

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