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Riding a bicycle should be safer than driving or riding in an automobile at highway speeds. Unfortunately, bicycling can become deadly if a motor vehicle driver acts recklessly or carelessly, as far too many Texans learn after being involved in catastrophic bike collisions.

Filing a suit against someone who injured you while riding can be a complicated and time-intensive process, especially if you try to pursue the compensation you need for your losses without a capable personal injury attorney. Working with a seasoned Copperas Cove bicycle accident lawyer could improve your chances of achieving a positive case result without additional stress on yourself or your family.

Establishing Legal Fault for a Bike Crash

Depending on how a bicycle wreck occurred, numerous parties may bear partial or primary fault for an injured bicyclist’s ensuing losses. The most common defendant in cases of this nature is a driver who collided with a biker. A driver could have committed a reckless or careless act, like running a stop sign or being distracted behind the wheel. If an injured rider can prove their accident would not have happened without a driver’s irresponsible actions, they could likely hold that driver liable for damages.

Alternatively, if a bike collision happens because of a mechanical issue with the bicycle, the fault might lie with the bike’s manufacturer for selling a dangerously defective product or with a mechanic that provided subpar service. Likewise, a wreck that happens because of unsafe riding conditions—for instance, unaddressed sidewalk cracks or unmarked bike lanes—might be the fault of a municipal authority that failed to fulfill their appointed duties. A knowledgeable bike crash attorney in Copperas Cove can help identify at-fault parties and take appropriate legal action against them.

How State Law Could Inhibit Recovery Efforts After a Bike Collision

Even if someone else is at fault for causing a bicycle wreck, an injured biker may be assigned a partial percentage of responsibility if they contributed to causing or worsening their injuries through their negligent behavior. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.012 allows a court ruling on a lawsuit to proportionately reduce a plaintiff’s total available compensation based on their share of total fault.

Furthermore, TX Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003 sets a filing deadline for most bike crash claims at two years after an incident occurred. Even shorter deadlines may apply to bike wreck claims against government entities, as a lawyer in Copperas Cove could clarify in more detail. Fortunately, state law imposes no artificial caps on how much total compensation a successful plaintiff can recover for losses from a bike crash.

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Getting involved in a bicycle crash can throw off your future, even if the only direct consequence of the incident is minor injuries that heal completely over time. In more severe situations, recovering fair compensation from the party or parties responsible for your wreck may be vital to preserving your overall quality of life despite the long-term harm your crash can lead to.

A capable Copperas Cove bicycle accident lawyer can work diligently on your behalf to secure the best result possible for your case. Call today for a consultation about your legal options.

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