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Buses and other forms of public transportation are vital for millions of people each day. Commuting by bus is usually a safe way to travel since accidents involving these vehicles are less common.

However, because of a buses’ massive size and weight, an unexpected crash might result in catastrophic injuries. If a wreck was caused by negligence, people can thankfully work with a skilled injury attorney to hold the driver or the bus company accountable. A Copperas Cove bus accident lawyer can assess the case and get started on filing a claim for compensation.

What Usually Causes Bus Accidents?

Most bus crashes occur because of an error by a bus driver or a third-party motorist outside of the vehicle. Some of the most common causes include:

● Driving without adequate rest

● Speeding or reckless driving

● Following too closely or tailgating

● Driving with distractions

● Making maneuvers such as lane changes without checking all blind spots

● Aggressive driving and road rage

Determining the exact cause of a bus accident can significantly strengthen a case, and a detail-oriented Copperas Cove attorney can help with pinpointing what happened.

Determination of the Liable Party After a Bus Crash

Civil claims related to a bus accident are complex and often involve multiple defendants. As a result, various entities or individuals could share liability for the accident, including but not limited to:

A Bus Driver

A bus driver must safely operate their vehicle to ensure they do not cause unnecessary harm to passengers or people outside of the bus. Public busses are considered common carriers, which means they owe passengers a rather high duty of care.

A Private or Government Operated Transportation Company

Existing safety legislation governs how transport companies need to hire staff, train employees, and maintain their vehicles. Suppose an accident happens because a transportation company, whether a private or a government entity, did not follow proper procedure. In that case, they might face liability for a bus crash and become a defendant.

Third-Party Contractors

When transportation companies use third-party agencies for maintenance or employee hiring and training, these outside corporations could also share liability for the accident. If an investigation shows that an independent corporation did not follow proper procedure leading to the crash, a court will likely hold them accountable.

A Tour Company

When tour buses are involved in collisions, the company that contracts them could be liable for the crash. If evidence shows a tour company did not do their due diligence when hiring bus agencies, a court might find this organization partially responsible for a bus crash.

Third-Party Individuals Outside the Bus

If a negligent motorist outside of the bus caused a crash, civil law could hold them accountable for any resulting losses or injuries. Some examples of recklessness include driving while distracted or running a red light.

Buses Operated by Government Entities

State agencies own and operate many of Texas’ transportation companies and public buses. When a driver or the company they work for is negligent, there is legislation to protect passengers or third parties who get injured.

The Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 101.021 requires that all government workers take accountability for any actions that lead to injuries. This means that after a bus wreck, a government defendant will need to assume liability for bodily injuries, property damage, or wrongful death. A tenacious lawyer in Copperas Cove can help with establishing this responsibility through a civil claim.

Private Bus Companies

If a private entity operates a bus, a claimant must determine the negligent party and provide proof in a civil claim for damages. They can establish this by directly connecting the other party’s negligence to their injuries.

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Many people will take buses as an everyday form of transportation and never get hurt in an accident. However, when there is a crash, the results can be devastating. A bus accident can leave passengers or anyone outside the vehicle with catastrophic injuries and property damages.

When careless actions caused this crash, you have the right to expect the at-fault party to pay the damages. If you need help with a claim, schedule a consultation with an experienced Copperas Cove bus accident lawyer.

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