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Even though millions of Americans depend on at least one prescription or over-the-counter drug daily, the companies that make these vital products do not always demonstrate due diligence in researching and testing their drugs before releasing them. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to people suffering severe physical harm from products doctors and advertisers told them were safe to use as directed.

Recovering civil compensation for damages caused by defective drugs is possible under the law, but overcoming opposition from multinational pharmaceutical companies during cases like this can be impossible to accomplish without support from a seasoned personal injury attorney. Working with a capable Copperas Cove dangerous drugs lawyer could more effectively enforce your rights and boost your chances of securing a favorable case result.

What Makes a Consumer Drug Dangerous?

A medication not having its desired effect or causing an undesirable effect does not necessarily justify civil litigation. To be considered dangerous enough to warrant a lawsuit or settlement demand, a product must be defective in its design, manufacturing, or marketing in a way the manufacturer failed to address before it left its direct control. The danger cannot stem from any conditions exposed to the product between leaving the manufacturer and when the injured consumer first possessed it.

In simpler terms, a manufacturer failed to warn consumers about a danger or discover it through rigorous testing. Litigation is generally not possible based on harm caused by listed side effects and contraindications with other drugs. However, if a manufacturer did not disclose their product had a potentially serious side effect, that could be grounds for a lawsuit.

The exact nature of a dangerous drug can vary substantially between cases, as can the legal principles behind liability for that medication’s effects. A harmful drug attorney in Copperas Cove could provide more specific information about a person’s legal options during a confidential consultation.

Recovering for Losses Through Mass Tort Litigation

In theory, a person who suffers harm from an unreasonably dangerous or defective medication should be able to demand restitution for every loss they suffer in the short and long term from that product, including medical bills, lost working capacity, lost enjoyment of life, and physical pain and suffering. In practice, a single plaintiff has almost no chance of successfully securing compensation from a drug manufacturer with millions of dollars to spend on legal representation.

Fortunately, because most dangerous drugs cause harm to multiple people in similar ways, it is generally possible to work together with other prospective plaintiffs through a mass tort claim. This could allow everyone involved in the suit to combine resources and evidence to pursue individual resolutions to each unique claim or a massive settlement split among every impacted person. A lawyer in Copperas Cove could help an individual navigate a mass tort claim for a dangerous medication.

A Copperas Cove Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

Every year, too many medications and medical products are recalled over defects their manufacturers should have known about and addressed long before they had a chance to harm consumers. If you were hurt by a problem in a medication you took, you should prioritize speaking with legal counsel about possible civil recovery.

A Copperas Cove dangerous drugs lawyer could be your ally from beginning to end of your legal proceedings. Schedule an initial meeting by calling today.

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