Unique Aspects of Pedestrian Accidents in San Antonio

Collisions between cars and pedestrians are common nationwide, and these accidents usually result in severe injuries. Since people on foot have little protection from an incoming vehicle, anyone hit by a negligent driver might be left with years of pain and costly medical bills. Therefore, seeking representation for pedestrian accident cases is always crucial.

Additionally, it is important for local plaintiffs to understand that unique aspects of pedestrian accidents in San Antonio could make their case more complicated. Fortunately, a skilled pedestrian crash attorney understands how factors like traffic, tourism, or age could impact your case. Our legal team members can use this information to create a personalized strategy, protecting your rights during all stages of filing a civil claim.

How Does the City of San Antonio Influence Pedestrian Accidents?

Since San Antonio is such a bustling city, there are many ways that pedestrians and vehicles interact daily. Crosswalks, parking lots near malls, driveways near famous hotels, or busy downtown streets could all be the site of an unexpected pedestrian collision. If a negligent driver ignored the ride of way or was navigating while distracted at any of these locations, they could hit an innocent pedestrian and need to assume liability for the resulting injuries.

Tourism, particularly in the summer months, could also heighten the chances of collisions between drivers and people on foot. Locations like the Riverwalk, the downtown strip, and the famous Alamo all generate substantial foot traffic. A careless motorist could strike one or multiple pedestrians at any of these locations, with devastating results. Tourists deserve protection from hazards like these when they come to support the local economy, and our legal representatives can help them seek justice.

In general, any pedestrian accident plaintiff who was harmed by congested downtown traffic or another unique local factor can take their case to one of our resourceful San Antonio attorneys.

How Might Age Complicate a Case?

The age of the injured person is also another unique aspect that could make a pedestrian accident case more complicated. For example, young children are often distinctly susceptible to pedestrian accidents due to their small size and sometimes-short attention spans. Unfortunately, when a child is struck by a reckless driver, the defendant or their representation might try and shift blame to this young plaintiff. An opposing attorney, for instance, could attempt to argue that the child was not paying attention or recklessly darted out from behind a parked car, which could shift some liability to the parent for not keeping an eye on their loved one.

Teen Pedestrians

When a teenager gets hit by a reckless driver, the defendant might also attempt to argue that the adolescent claimant is to blame. Teens are often distracted by cellphones, music, social media, earbuds, and other technology that could take their attention away from walking safely. These behaviors could impact the strength of the teen or parent’s pedestrian accident claim, but a seasoned lawyer in San Antonio can fight against unfair allegations or manipulative tactics.

Talk With an Attorney about the Unique Aspects of Pedestrian Accidents in San Antonio

Since San Antonio is such a large, significant, and heavily trafficked city, it can be particularly vulnerable to pedestrian accidents. These incidents always deserve legal attention because the resulting injuries can be grave. If you are a tourist or local resident and need to learn more about of the unique aspects of pedestrian accidents in San Antonio, our team of well-practiced lawyers is here to help. A knowledgeable attorney can analyze your case and help you pursue the compensation you need to recover. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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