Damages in San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Cases

Collecting financial compensation for injuries is one of the most significant phases of a case. After a pedestrian accident, there are many different kinds of monetary damages that an injured plaintiff can pursue, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, the awarded compensation might be substantial, since injuries associated with pedestrian crashes can be rather severe.

If you were hurt by a negligent driver as you were enjoying the fresh air or walking to work, be sure to speak with our skilled lawyers about damages in a San Antonio pedestrian accident case. Our pedestrian crash attorneys can assess your medical bills, predicted future expenses, and emotional repercussions to determine the extent of financial compensation you deserve.

Types of Damages Explained

Most pedestrian accident cases warrant a combination of three types of monetary damages. To begin, economic damages cover expenses with a clear financial value, such as lost wages, medical bills, and future medical expenses like required surgery and pain management. These repayments are relatively straightforward because they can be verified through concrete evidence like pay stubs or copies of hospital bills.

On the other hand, non-economic damages are a bit more complicated – they offer repayment for losses with a more subjective financial value. Common examples of non-economic compensation include repayment for physical pain, permanent impairment, emotional trauma, or reduced quality of life or function due to the injuries. Factoring these repayments into a claim can be more challenging, but a diligent San Antonio attorney can help with non-economic damages in any pedestrian accident case.

How do Punitive Damages Work?

In more rare cases, punitive repayments might apply. This compensation aims to punish a negligent driver for their gross negligence. For example, if a jury finds that a motorist hit a pedestrian because they were acting with gross negligence, malice, or recklessness, like driving under the influence of alcohol, an injured pedestrian could collect a substantial portion of punitive damages.

How are Damages Calculated?

When it comes to calculating damages in a pedestrian accident case, our skilled attorneys can and will take the lead. For economic damages, our legal representatives can assess the entire history of a pedestrian’s medical expenses to make sure that the cost of treatment, ambulances, surgery, follow up visits, and physical therapy are accounted for.

Non-economic damages are a bit more challenging to represent. When determining these repayments, an attorney would look at examples of the compensation that different juries have awarded for previous pedestrian accident cases.

How Does the Process Work?

For pedestrian cases that are settled before trial, our lawyers calculate the relevant damages and present them to the insurance company. If a claim does go to trial, our team will add up their calculations of the damages and present this information to a jury – they ultimately decide what will be awarded to an injured pedestrian.

Pedestrian accident claimants in San Antonio should always be sure to work with our dedicated attorneys since they know how to handle the process of calculating and maximizing monetary damages.

Reach Out to an Attorney about Damages in San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Cases

When you go on a walk or decide to commute on foot, you should not have to worry about being hit by a negligent driver. Similarly, after being involved in a crash, the last thing you should have to worry about is calculating how much the defendant or their insurance company owes you.

Instead, talk with one of our skilled lawyers about damages in San Antonio pedestrian accident cases. Our team members can assess your losses, setbacks, and inconveniences to get you the repayments you deserve and protect your future. Contact us online today to learn more and schedule an initial appointment.

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