Injuries in San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Cases

Since pedestrians have essentially no protection from impacts or accidents, any instance of being hit by a car can be incredibly dangerous. The majority of the most common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents are severe, and wrongful death also happens regularly.

This means that an unexpected collision could have a significant impact on a pedestrian’s life. Injuries in San Antonio pedestrian accident cases deserve the best legal representation, which is where our firm can help. If you were hit by a car while walking carefully, a dedicated pedestrian case attorney can assess the extent of your suffering, explain the impact that the incident might have on your life, and help you collect any damages you need to recover.

Examples of Typical Injuries in Pedestrian Cases

Because a pedestrian could be hit in many different places or in various ways, the injuries depend on the circumstances of the accident. However, they are almost always severe. Common examples of wounds associated with these situations include but are not limited to:

The impact of a car and the force of hitting the ground after a crash combine to cause the majority of these injuries, as a seasoned San Antonio attorney can explain. After being hurt, a pedestrian accident plaintiff should be sure to reach out to our firm about getting started on their case process.

The Impact of Injuries on Daily Life

Since the injuries seen in most pedestrian accident cases are so severe, they could have a significant impact on a plaintiff’s daily life.

Impairment or Disability

Many injuries, such as brain damage or severely broken bones, might lead to temporary impairment or permanent disability. For instance, if a claimant needs surgery to repair a badly damaged hip bone or thigh bone and the surgeon needs to use special hardware during the operation, impairment to range of motion or normal function might last a lifetime. On the other hand, brain damage can also be lifelong since many injured pedestrians struggle to fully recover from a serious blow to the head.

Lost Income or Unemployment

Meanwhile, serious injuries from a pedestrian accident can also lead to days, months, or years of lost income. If a plaintiff cannot go back to work because they are healing from a broken arm or a broken leg, they might not have any opportunity to collect their salary and pay their bills. If a claimant needs surgery after hurting their back, they might need a long recovery window and spend up to a year resting at home.

If an injured pedestrian loses their job due to missed time at work and the severity of their injuries, this might lead to a prolonged period of unemployment. A claimant might be left struggling to get back on their feet and return to their previous way of life for years.

Financial Expenses

Finally, any pedestrian accident could leave a plaintiff with significant financial burdens. If the claimant was transported to the hospital after a crash, the bills associated with treatment and the ambulance ride can be steep. Additionally, one or more required surgeries could leave someone with years of expensive bills.

All of these losses and setbacks heighten the importance of retaining a skilled San Antonio lawyer after a pedestrian accident. For example, one of our legal team members can assess the extent of a plaintiff’s inconveniences and assemble a civil claim for compensation that accounts for all these losses.

Speak With an Attorney about Injuries in San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Cases

While being hurt in a pedestrian accident might be overwhelming and traumatic, it is crucial to remember that you have options for recovering when you work with our firm. For example, we can help establish liability, get you the medical treatment you deserve, track any lost wages, and protect your legal rights during your case process.

To learn more about how we can help with injuries in San Antonio pedestrian accident cases, reach out to our office today.

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