Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in San Antonio

San Antonio is a great place for bicyclists to hit the road, get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air, or commute to work. However, cycling is not without risk. Negligent drivers or unexpected hazards could result in a serious accident.

Thankfully, many rules and regulations work to keep cyclists safe. Traffic laws for bicyclists in San Antonio, for the most part, treat these vehicles like cars and require them to adhere to the same standards. However, some additional suggestions and restrictions apply, which helps prevent accidents and catastrophic injuries.

If you ride a bike and are wondering about your rights, responsibilities, and protections under local law, do not hesitate to work with one of our seasoned cycling accident attorneys. Our lawyers can explain what you need to do, communicate the benefits associated with wearing a helmet, and help keep you safe on the road.

How are Bicyclists Required to Ride?

It is important for all bicyclists to remember that they need to adhere to all the same traffic laws that apply to cars. This means they need to respect traffic signals, properly yield whenever necessary, and signal movements like turns or lane changes.

However, there are some additional recommendations and restrictions that apply to cyclists. For instance, traffic laws require that bikers try their best to stay as far right as possible in a lane or on a roadway. Not only does this keep bike riders safe and visible for cars, but it helps prevent them from impeding the flow of traffic. If a car needs to safely pass a cyclist who is riding far to the right in a lane, they will have an easy opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, even though bicycles can fit on and navigate through a pedestrian lane or walkway, local traffic laws prevent them from doing this. As a knowledgeable San Antonio attorney can explain, riders need to operate their bicycle on a roadway just like they were driving a car. This helps keep people on foot safe from harm.

Staying Safe Through Defensive Cycling

Along with staying to the right and following the relevant traffic laws, there are some other actions that cyclists can take to stay safe and prevent crashes. Driving defensively is key. In short, a bicycle rider should make sure to constantly lookout for vehicles approaching from the rear and front. If a car is getting close, a cyclist can signal to the car to make sure that the driver sees them – an action that can help prevent many unnecessary crashes. Being alert in general, watching for potential hazards, and even wearing reflective clothing could also help a bicyclist stay safe on crowded local roads.

If a bike rider needs further guidance with how to navigate safely and defensively, a seasoned San Antonio lawyer can explain more during an initial consultation.

Do San Antonio Traffic Laws Require Bicycle Helmets?

While local laws require people under the age of 18 to wear helmets when biking on public property, there are no regulations for adults. This gives people over 18 the freedom to decide as they wish, but not wearing a helmet could certainly create unnecessary issues.

To begin, deciding not to wear a bicycle helmet could exacerbate the injuries that one experiences in a crash. If someone decides not to use any head protection, they might be left with lasting brain trauma or a severe concussion when they hit a car or land on the pavement.

Additionally, not wearing a helmet while cycling can also significantly impact the strength of a plaintiff’s case. If they did not use any head protection, the defense could argue that the claimant did not take all necessary actions to keep themselves safe, which could limit the financial compensation they collect.

Our compassionate attorneys in San Antonio certainly recommend helmet use, as head protection works alongside bicycle traffic laws to keep riders safe.

Call an Attorney to Learn More about Traffic Laws for Bicyclists in San Antonio

If you regularly ride a bicycle in the San Antonio area, you need to understand the relevant traffic laws and recognize some things you can do to stay safe. Defensive driving, using turning signals, and wearing a bike helmet are key.

To learn more about how respecting traffic laws for bicyclists in San Antonio could help preserve your potential case in the event of an accident, reach out to our firm today.

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