Injuries in San Antonio Bicycle Accidents

While riding a bicycle is an enjoyable and freeing form of transportation, accidents involving bikes can leave people with unnecessary and severe injuries. These wounds can have a lasting impact on a cyclist’s life, especially when they suffer a serious broken bone, traumatic brain damage, or harm to the spinal cord.

This means that after being involved in a bicycle accident, calling 911 and seeking medical treatment is one of the most important things you can do. When you receive professional care, you keep yourself safe and boost your chances of collecting financial compensation for your injuries.

Additionally, reaching out to our skilled cycling accident attorneys can help you understand the significance of injuries in San Antonio bicycle accidents. Our dedicated lawyers can examine medical records to assess the extent of your injuries and help factor them into your claim.

Injuries Seen in Local Bike Accidents

Because a cyclist has little protection from the impact of a crash or the force of an automobile, the injuries that people suffer are usually more severe. To begin, a cyclist might be left with many different broken bones. Fractured clavicles from hitting the ground or another car are common. Additionally, broken legs, ribs, pelvises, and feet could happen whenever a bicyclist is thrown from their bike. All of these would require expensive and continual medical treatment.

Meanwhile, concussions and traumatic brain damage happen frequently in these accidents. Even if a rider is wearing a helmet, a blow, bump, jolt to the head, or an object piercing the skull could have devastating consequences. This might happen when a cyclist’s head collides with a vehicle or hits the pavement.

These are not the only examples of injuries that our San Antonio attorneys see in bike accident cases, but they are some of the most common.

Delayed Symptoms can Be Dangerous

After being injured in a cycling accident, it is crucial for a plaintiff to seek regular medical treatment and realize that delayed symptoms are a possibility. Keeping track of new symptoms is key because it helps a biker stay safe. If a wounded cyclist experiences new symptoms after already diagnosing the initial ones, they should be sure to return to the doctor as soon as possible. This would prevent unnecessary complications and lessen the chances of a new injury developing.

Meanwhile, being sure to receive continued treatment and diagnose new symptoms can also help during the process of filing a claim for monetary damages. If a claimant has gaps in medical treatment and ongoing symptoms aren’t being documented, an insurance company or jury might doubt the legitimacy of their case.

For example, if someone has neck or back pain and they assume that this will heal on its own, they could lessen the impact of their case if they go back to a doctor a few months later and their physician diagnoses a herniated disk. For instance, an insurance agent might argue that the cyclist was not taking the proper precautions to care for themselves, or that the injuries were caused by something other than the bike crash.

Therefore, documenting all symptoms and receiving follow up treatment is crucial. A detail-oriented San Antonio attorney can help a client assemble a record of continued treatment and make sure an insurance agent does not undermine the value of their bicycle accident case.

How do Damages Correspond with Injuries?

In general, the more severe a cyclist’s injuries, the more monetary damages they will collect. A heightened requirement for medical attention usually results in more economic repayments, and more serious injuries warrant additional reimbursement for the inevitable lost wages at work.

On the other hand, serious injuries result in emotional trauma and physical pain, which warrants substantial non-economic compensation. These damages can be more challenging for an injured cyclist to pursue, but our knowledgeable San Antonio lawyers know how to demonstrate that their client deserves repayment for these more subjective aspects.

Contact an Attorney about Injuries in San Antonio Bicycle Accidents

If you were hurt in a bicycle accident, you need to understand how to care for your injuries, when to go for follow up treatment, and the impact that your injuries could have on your entitlement to compensation.

This might seem overwhelming if you are in a lot of pain and need to recover, but our seasoned team members are here to help. A dedicated lawyer could explain how to handle injuries in San Antonio bicycle accidents, using years of experience to preserve your right to damages and maximize the impact of your case. Reach out today to learn more.

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