Unique Aspects of Bicycle Accidents in San Antonio

Countless people in the San Antonio area use bicycles to get around since these forms of transportation are so lightweight, efficient, and flexible. However, since bikes are compact and open to the environment, any collision with the driver of a passenger car could result in severe injuries.

Additionally, filing a civil claim for a bike accident can be difficult since these cases often present many wrinkles. If you were struck by a negligent driver while cycling, a lawyer who has experience with these cases could explain the unique aspects of bicycle accidents in San Antonio. Felix Gonzalez Law Firm has proficiency with these collisions, so a legal team member can be the ally you need in these difficult times.

What Makes Bicycle Accidents Different than Car Collisions?

One major aspect that makes resolving a bicycle accident case different from a vehicle collision is the confusing nature and value of bicycle parts. For instance, bicycles range in price from rather cheap to upwards of $20,000. Therefore, determining the exact amount of compensation that in injured cyclist deserves after a crash can be a complicated process. In many cases, an attorney might need to go line by line through repair estimates or invoices, to conclude the value of monetary damages that a claimant needs to replace gearing, shifting mechanisms, carbon fiber frames, or other small components.

Meanwhile, another factor that makes bicycle crashes unique and more complicated is the fact that, generally speaking, injuries associated with these cases are much more severe than they are with standard vehicle collisions. Catastrophic harm is common. Typical examples of severe injuries that cyclists suffer in collisions include traumatic brain damage, intense fractures, necessary amputations, being knocked unconscious, or flying onto a roadway with impact.

These unique complications deserve seasoned legal representation, so it is best to handle bicycle accident cases with the assistance of a dedicated attorney in San Antonio. An advocate can assess the cost of an obscure bike part or help prove the severity of a client’s resulting injuries.

How Might Inclement Weather Cause a Cycling Crash?

At a basic level, inclement weather conditions can make bike accidents unique because cyclists are more prone to crashing in a dangerous environment. For example, heavy rain that makes the road wet and slick could significantly affect a driver’s ability to see a bike or lessen a cyclist’s ability to ride safely.

In other situations, snow, ice sleet, or fog could have disastrous consequences. Regardless of the weather in question, it is best for cyclists to simply avoid riding in dangerous conditions. If a bike rider does decide to brave the elements, they should at least be sure to equip their frame with a front and taillight.

If a cyclist has any further questions about how inclement weather could serve as a unique trigger to a crash, they should speak with a resourceful and intelligent lawyer in San Antonio.

Why Choose Our Firm to Handle Bicycle Wrecks?

Even though an unexpected bicycle collision can be frightening, Felix Gonzalez Law Firm, P.C. is uniquely equipped to handle these cases. Many of the attorneys at the practice are avid cyclists, which makes them experienced enough to recognize the value of bicycle parts, accessories, or other items prone to property damages. A legal team member could factor aspects of an accident into a claim that other attorney might not have experience tackling or undertaking.

Therefore, reaching out to a tenacious attorney in San Antonio immediately after being struck by a reckless driver is key. A legal representative can provide personalized support and help a client resolve any unique, troublesome case issues.

Speak With an Attorney about the Unique Aspects of Bicycle Accidents in San Antonio

If you were hit by a careless car driver while riding your bike safely, you might be left with years of expensive medical bills, physical pain, and extensive property damage. Therefore, you deserve someone to fight to protect your rights in court. When you meet with a knowledgeable lawyer in San Antonio, you can effectively boost your chances of collecting the compensation you need to fully recover. Do not hesitate to contact our office today to learn more.

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