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Commercial trucks are usually significantly larger than most other vehicles on the road. Because of their immense size, trucks pose considerable risks to others. People in collisions with trucks often experience life-altering and even fatal injuries.

After a trucking wreck, you probably have a great deal of questions. A compassionate New Braunfels truck accident lawyer understands how devastating truck crashes can be. An experienced personal injury attorney can work closely with you to find answers to your questions and help you pursue fair compensation for what happened to you.

Legal Claims Involving Trucking Crashes are Different from Car Crashes

Unfortunately, lawsuits involving trucking accidents are not usually as straightforward as standard claims involving car crashes. Claims involving big rigs are often more complicated for several reasons.

Additional Evidence

After any kind of motor vehicle crash, police reports, witness statements, crash scene photographs, and surveillance videos are important pieces of evidence. In a claim involving trucks, diligent attorneys also need to review additional evidence. To get a full understanding of why a truck crashed and who could be at fault, a skilled legal team also needs to carefully examine truck driver’s logs, loading manifests, black box event recorder, and trucking company employment and training manuals.

More Than One Defendant

Most automobile wrecks happen because of a negligent driver. In a trucking accident, multiple parties could be at fault. In addition to a negligent truck driver, the trucking company could be responsible for failing to train their drivers or for encouraging their drivers to operate for excessive hours. The loading company could bear some responsibility for failing to secure or balance the cargo. The truck’s owner could be responsible for failing to maintain their vehicle.

Working with a seasoned legal professional who is not afraid to stand up to large trucking companies and their insurers is critical.

More Damages

Survivors of crashes with commercial trucks often experience life-changing injuries. Many people need continuing medical care. An experienced legal professional can help them calculate the impact the injury has had on their lives by estimating future anticipated medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

Our dedicated attorneys in New Braunfels have vast experience with trucking accidents. They understand the trucking industry regulations and how they could apply to individual cases.

What Should Someone Do After a Trucking Crash?

Taking the right steps after a trucking crash can make a difference in the outcome of a lawsuit.

Seek Medical Attention

Many times, truck crashes are so severe that immediate, emergency medical care is warranted. However, even if someone feels they have no serious physical injuries, they should receive a full medical evaluation. They might be in shock, which could prevent them from feeling their injuries, or they might have internal injuries, which they do not know about. A doctor could evaluate their medical condition and a lawyer could use that medical record as evidence to link the accident to the injuries.

File a Police Report

People in an accident should always contact law enforcement. An attorney can get a copy of the police report to use as evidence.

Get Information from the Crash Scene

Accident survivors should try to get the name and insurance information of the driver and trucking company. They should also record the license plate number and any unique observations about the truck or driver. If possible, they should take pictures of the injuries, vehicle damage, and other identifying information.

A diligent lawyer in New Braunfels can use the initial information gathered at the scene to expand their own investigation and build a truck crash case.

Reach Out to a New Braunfels Truck Accident Attorney

The most critical step you should take after being involved in a trucking crash is to reach out to a practiced legal team. A knowledgeable New Braunfels truck accident lawyer can use their skills to handle your case. They can protect your interests and fight for compensation for all of your losses. Reach out to our firm today.

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