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A personal injury lawsuit is an opportunity to seek justice after being hurt through no fault of your own. The stakes are high in these cases, especially when you are badly hurt. Recovering financial compensation can be possible with the help of a New Braunfels catastrophic injury lawyer.

When you hire a dedicated injury attorney to work on your behalf, they can serve as your advocate during every stage of your civil lawsuit. This support might be enough to help you secure the monetary compensation you deserve.

When Are Injuries Catastrophic?

There is no formal definition of a catastrophic injury under state law. Instead, this term is used informally to describe serious, life-altering injuries that usually have permanent consequences. An attorney in New Braunfels could help you seek compensation for different types of catastrophic injuries, including:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any injury to the brain is a serious matter. In some cases, they can result in debilitating health conditions that carry physical and psychological symptoms. The most common of these—a concussion—occurs when a strong impact jolts the brain hard enough to damage it. Some of the symptoms include sleep disruptions, headaches, and even personality changes.

Severe Burns

Not every burn injury is a life-threatening event. That said, these wounds have the potential to be life-threatening depending on the circumstances. Burns are categorized by degrees, with fourth-degree burns representing the most serious of the four types.

Spinal Injuries

Damage to the spinal cord can lead to serious health issues, including paralysis. The loss of sensation and motor control can make simple tasks suddenly impossible. These changes also have the potential to cause emotional issues like depression. While some injured people eventually recover fully, many spinal injuries lead to permanent health consequences.

The Time Limit to File a Lawsuit

Anyone living with a catastrophic injury has the opportunity to pursue legal action when negligence is involved. However, the window of time to sue the at-fault party is not unlimited. An injured person is required to comply with the statute of limitations, which is the legal deadline that applies to every civil lawsuit.

An injured person generally has two years to file a lawsuit. In most cases, this period begins to expire on the date of the injury. There are also limited circumstances where the amount of time to bring a claim can be increased or reduced.

When a lawsuit targets a government entity, the timeframe is often dramatically shortened. Alternatively, a person might have more than the standard two years to bring their case if the responsible party fled the state in an effort to avoid being sued. Given the variable nature of this deadline, it is a good idea to seek guidance from a New Braunfels catastrophic injury lawyer early on in the process.

The end result of violating the statute of limitations can leave a person unable to secure compensation for their losses. The court may have little choice but to dismiss the claim with prejudice, which forever bars the person from recovering damages for this injury.

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