New Braunfels Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are damage to the skin caused by heat, chemicals, cold, and even radiation. While some of these injuries are superficial, others can require extensive medical care or even be life-threatening in nature.

If you were burned through no fault of your own, a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney can help. By filing a civil lawsuit, you could recover monetary damages based on factors like your medical costs or physical pain. Let a New Braunfels burn injury attorney help you seek justice.

Sources of Burns

When it comes to these injuries, most people think of wounds resulting from open flames or hot objects. While these thermal burns are the most common examples, other sources can also result in severe damage to your skin as well. Some examples include steam, open flames, extreme cold, or exposure to electricity.

The severity of these wounds is measured in degrees. While low-level burns are little more than a nuisance, those categorized in the fourth degree are life-threatening.

A burn injury attorney in New Braunfels could carefully investigate the nature of an accident to determine fault. Often, exposure to these hazards could have been avoided if it were not for another’s carelessness.

What If An Injured Person Was Also at Fault?

The law takes into account situations where more than one party is to blame for an injury. In some cases, a burn victim might share in some of the responsibility. Thanks to the state’s comparative fault rules, that does not mean they are automatically out of luck when it comes to pursuing financial compensation.

In these cases, an injured person is bound by something known as the 51 percent rule. They have the opportunity to file a civil lawsuit and recover a monetary award as long as they are not 51 percent or more at fault.

However, the amount of damages available can also be reduced with this rule. When a person shares partial blame for a burn injury, their total compensation is lowered by their degree of fault. For example, a person found 10 percent liable will have their recovery reduced by that percentage. A lawyer in New Braunfels could argue against allegations of fault in a burn injury lawsuit.

What is the Average Case Worth?

Many injured people wonder what the average burn case is worth. While they might hope this information could paint a picture of the value of their own claim, the answer to this question is not easy to determine.

Details regarding settlements are generally kept private. Additionally, there is no single location that stores the limited public data regarding the value of these claims. This makes it difficult to know the average value of these cases with certainty.

The good news is that a burn injury attorney in New Braunfels can answer questions about the types of damages that might be available. A person pursuing damages might be entitled to recoup their lost wages or recover the cost of their medical bills. Subjective losses are also typically part of a settlement. This might include things like scarring, pain, or emotional distress.

Talk to a New Braunfels Burn Injury Attorney Immediately

The mental, emotional, and physical scars from a severe burn can follow you for the rest of your life. While no amount of money can erase this experience, a fair settlement could help you secure the quality of life you deserve moving forward. Let a New Braunfels burn injury lawyer help you pursue justice. Call today to learn more.

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