New Braunfels Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

For most injuries, there is a path to a full recovery, even if it takes days, months, or years. Bone fractures heal, sprains mend, and scars fade. One important distinction involves damage to the brain, which can lead to health issues that follow you for the rest of your life.

When these issues arise due to an act of negligence, it may be time to seek legal counsel. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney can investigate your claim before building a convincing case for compensation. Let a New Braunfels traumatic brain injury lawyer help you maximize your financial recovery.

The Nature of Head Trauma

Any damage suffered by the brain should be taken seriously. These injuries can have permanent consequences, and some of the symptoms might not be obvious for weeks, months, or even longer.

The nature of this condition is unusual, as it can lead to a wide range of physical and psychological effects. While headaches and chronic pain are the most common examples, a person living with a TBI could also face sleep disruption, depression, or mood swings.

Traumatic brain injuries typically result from some impact to the head. They can occur in car accidents when a person’s forehead strikes the steering wheel. Other circumstances involve falls, violent assaults, and surgical errors.

When an attorney in New Braunfels considers a traumatic brain injury, the first thing they look for is evidence of negligence. An injured person could be entitled to a monetary award if their condition was the result of carelessness or recklessness.

What is a TBI Case Worth?

It is natural for an injured person to have questions about the value of their claim. This is especially true in situations where their health prevents them from holding down a job. While a lawyer in New Braunfels cannot guarantee a favorable outcome in a traumatic brain injury case, they can provide guidance on the types of damages that might be available. Some examples include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished future earnings
  • Disability
  • Medical bills

The support of legal counsel could be crucial for recovering these awards from the other party.

What If I am Partially at Fault?

When it comes to some injuries, there is little question of who is responsible. Assigning blame in other instances can be more challenging. It is possible that an injured person could share the fault of their own accident. When this happens, a doctrine known as modified comparative fault determines the outcome of a civil case.

Under the law, a person has the potential to seek damages from someone else, even if they are partially to blame for their injury. The caveat is that a monetary award is only available if that individual is less than 51 percent to blame. An injured person who is primarily responsible cannot recover a monetary award at trial.

The amount of damages is also impacted by this rule, as juries must reduce the damages by the percentage of fault. That means a person who is 20 percent to blame will have their recovery reduced by that degree.

Talk to a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in New Braunfels

No one should have to live with these devastating health issues, but the reality is that accidents happen every day. When they result because of another’s negligence, a financial award might be appropriate.

Contact a New Braunfels traumatic brain injury lawyer. By taking careful steps at the request of your legal counsel, you can get the fair settlement offer you deserve.

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