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Few things in life are more traumatic than losing control over your own body. Paralysis is the loss of sensation or movement, and it often results from damage to the spinal cord. For many people, the consequences are permanent.

You could be entitled to compensation based on your condition, and a New Braunfels paralysis injury lawyer could help you recover it. An aggressive approach can help you secure a favorable outcome as well as a measure of justice from the other side. A seasoned catastrophic injury attorney can assist you through the litigation process.

Possible Causes of Paralysis

This condition can stem from many different factors. For some people, the loss of control over parts of their body is the result of genetic conditions like multiple sclerosis. In other situations, an individual might lose feeling in their arm or leg due to an impinged nerve.

Most people living with paralysis suffered an injury to their spinal cord. This bundle of nerves allows for the sending and receiving of signals from the brain to the other parts of the body. When this communication is disrupted, the body cannot control those areas.

The part of the spine that sustains damage will ultimately determine the extent of a person’s paralysis. For example, an injury to the lower back might only impact the lower body, while damage to the neck can affect the whole body.

It is not uncommon for these injuries to occur due to an act of negligence. If that is the case, financial compensation can be possible. A New Braunfels attorney could seek justice following a paralysis injury when it resulted from another person’s carelessness or recklessness.

Recovering Damages

A financial settlement in these cases can be made up of many different types of damages. With the help of a paralysis injury lawyer in New Braunfels, it is possible to recover the following types of monetary awards:

Pain and Suffering

Although this condition involves the loss of sensation in parts of the body, that does not eliminate the possibility of physical agony. In fact, chronic pain is a common consequence of nerve injuries. A monetary award may be available, depending on the impact it has on a person.

Medical Costs

A person may be able to recover damages based on the cost of both past and future medical treatment. That includes everything from emergency medical care to ongoing physical therapy.

Lost Wages

For many people, returning to the workforce is impossible when living with paralysis. Those who can may face a reduced ability to earn a living in the future. These lost wages can have a traumatic impact on a person’s finances. Recouping this money is possible when a civil suit is successful.

Home Renovations

Using a wheelchair or other mobility device is often necessary following a paralyzing injury. Unfortunately, some homes require modification to be accessible. The cost of building ramps or widening doorways could be included in a settlement.

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Facing this seismic shift in your lifestyle can be difficult under any circumstances. If your injury resulted from an act of negligence, you may have an opportunity to seek justice.

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