New Braunfels Child Injury Lawyer

An injured child is a parent’s worst nightmare, particularly when they are badly hurt. In addition to the challenges your child faces during their recovery, the weight of the situation can overwhelm the rest of the family. While these circumstances likely have your full attention, your financial obligations will always be in the background.

If the accident occurred as the result of negligence, a civil lawsuit may be an option. A dedicated injury attorney can guide you through the litigation process. If successful, it could pay for any medical bills, replace your lost wages, and clear a path for a full recovery. Before you consider settling on your own, it may benefit you to speak with a New Braunfels child injury lawyer.

How These Injuries Happen

Juveniles are often at a greater risk of injury compared to adults. Their bone structure is still growing, and they lack the maturity to make safe decisions when hazards are nearby. Some of the instances where a child injury attorney in New Braunfels could pursue legal action include the following:

Vehicle Collisions

Children are frequently injured in accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The impact from the collision can be tremendous, and it often leads to broken bones, severe cuts, or head trauma.

Dangerous Products

Product defects can impact anyone, but these incidents frequently involve children. Food, medicine, and toys are some of the items that are most likely to be defective. Injuries can occur due to cuts, burns, or exposure to harmful substances.

Medical Errors

When doctors are careless, dangerous medical mistakes can happen. These errors can lead to debilitating injuries, especially when it comes to children. Many of these cases result from errors made during labor or delivery. However, the failure to diagnose a juvenile’s serious medical condition could also qualify.

Swimming Pool Accidents

While pools are seen as a place of fun and recreation, they also represent a serious risk of injury or even death. Diving accidents can lead to brain injuries or paralysis, and the risk of drowning is always present. That is why property owners have an obligation to build fences around most pools. Individuals entrusted with children also have a duty to carefully supervise them in the water. Failing to do so is known as negligent supervision.

Child Injuries and Negligence

Most of the injuries to juveniles are accidental, but that does not absolve an adult of their actions. When negligent actions are to blame, that party can face civil liability for the damage they caused.

Negligence has four elements, and proving each of them is required in a successful civil lawsuit. These include:

  • Duty to an injured child
  • Breach of the duty
  • The injury was caused by the breach
  • Damages resulted from the injury

Building a winning case for compensation can be difficult without help. The support of a child injury lawyer in New Braunfels could be enough to recover a monetary award from those responsible.

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In these situations, children must rely on their parents or guardians to seek justice. When it comes to filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit, it is helpful first to seek support from a New Braunfels child injury lawyer. Fair compensation may be possible. Reach out right away to learn more during a private consultation.

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