Hutto Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding any distance on a motorcycle can be dangerous if you fail to wear appropriate safety gear and operate your bike carefully, and that danger can increase exponentially if other people around you are irresponsible. Unfortunately, reckless drivers cause thousands of accidents statewide every year and pursuing civil compensation after a motorcycle wreck can be a challenge.

Assistance from a dedicated personal injury attorney might make all the difference in how effectively you can protect your rights and demand fair financial recovery. If someone else caused a crash and injuries while you were riding, speaking with a Hutto motorcycle accident lawyer about your legal options should be a priority.

How Fault Works in Motorcycle Crash Claims

Everyone who drives any kind of vehicle on public roads assumes a duty under the law to act responsibly at all times. Beyond just obeying traffic laws, this duty also requires people to watch out for other vehicles, refrain from aggressive driving, and react in reasonable ways to anything unexpected they encounter on the road.

A driver who collides with a motorcyclist or otherwise forces them into an accident by doing anything reckless, careless, or illegal can be considered legally negligent. This determination would entitle a plaintiff to demand compensation for any losses or injuries they experienced. A knowledgeable lawyer in Hutto can help prove negligence after a motorcycle accident.

However, motorcyclists can also be found partially liable for their own losses if they were also negligent in some way leading up to the wreck. In fact, even not wearing a helmet—something that is legal in Texas for motorcycle operators over 21 who fulfill a few additional requirements before riding—could count as comparative fault if a court decides that wearing a helmet could have helped prevent certain injuries. In this situation, a motorcyclist might collect less compensation than they could have if they had worn a helmet.

Recovering Comprehensively Within Filing Deadlines

Assuming comparative fault does not impact a case, a comprehensive motorcycle injury lawsuit or settlement demand can demand compensation for every form of harm that can be traced back to the accident. Monetary damages could include reimbursement for:

  • Medical bills
  • Motorcycle replacement/repair costs, plus other personal property damage or loss
  • Lost work income and/or working ability
  • Emotional trauma and physical pain
  • Reduced or lost enjoyment of daily life

Time Limits in Motorcycle Accident Cases

It is key to understand that, after a motorcycle accident, there are time limits that apply to filing a claim for compensation. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, most people injured in a motorbike crash have two years maximum after discovering their injuries to begin any civil litigation they intend to pursue. Missing this filing deadline will almost always leave an accident victim without any means of getting paid for any of their losses, but a proactive Hutto attorney can help keep a motorcycle accident case on track.

A Hutto Motorcycle Accident Attorney Could Help

Motorcycle crashes can be traumatic and the process of filing a civil claim can be difficult for people who are seriously hurt. Fortunately, help is available from our team of legal professionals.

A conversation with a Hutto motorcycle accident lawyer can offer you clarity about your next steps and legal options. A dedicated team member can assess your case, determine the scope of compensation you deserve, and help you fight against allegations of comparative fault. Call today to learn more.

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