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Commercial tractor-trailers are common sights on every major highway in America since these vehicles keep our businesses and economy moving forward. Unfortunately, not every truck driver operates their vehicle with the care and consideration required by law. Negligent truck driving, unfortunately, can lead to crashes and catastrophic injuries.

As any experienced personal injury attorney knows, civil claims built around truck accidents are often much more valuable and have much higher stakes than other types of cases just because of how severe the injuries associated with these cases are. If you were hurt due to the recklessness of a trucker or commercial vehicle corporation, representation from a Hutto truck accident lawyer can prove vital to obtaining fair financial compensation.

Who Might Be Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Just like with most personal injury cases, the legal theory of negligence can be used to hold a defendant responsible through a truck accident claim. Negligence entails someone having an implicit or explicit responsibility to keep other people safe by acting responsibly and then directly causing an injury to someone else by failing to uphold their duty of care.

In many cases, trucker negligence is as simple as a driver braking traffic laws or being careless behind the wheel. However, truckers are far from the only people who could contribute to causing an crash through careless behavior. Additionally, given how extensive the harm caused by such a wreck can be, filing suit against a single truck driver alone will rarely lead to enough compensation to fully cover a plaintiff’s losses.

Fortunately, trucking companies can often be held vicariously liable for negligent acts committed by one of their employees. In some situation, a commercial vehicle corporation could even be directly liable for something like forcing drivers to disobey federal law by staying on the road too long without breaks.

Other big rig collisions might be caused by less predictable factors, such as another driver acting irresponsibly around a commercial vehicle.  or a mechanic failing to fix an issue with a truck. Regardless of the specifics, a seasoned Hutto truck accident attorney can help streamline the process of identifying potential defendants and taking appropriate action against them.

What Filing Deadlines Could Impact Civil Recovery?

Even if someone has clear evidence proving that someone else’s misconduct directly led to them being hurt in a truck accident, they may be unable to get any compensation at all if they wait too long to file their claim. Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003 sets a two-year filing period for most personal injury claims, usually beginning when the prospective plaintiff first discovers their injuries.

Anyone truck wreck plaintiff who fails to start the litigation process before this deadline passes will almost always be permanently “time-barred” from collecting any financial compensation. With that in mind, it is generally best to contact a lawyer sooner rather than later following a truck wreck in Hutto.

Contact a Hutto Truck Accident Attorney for Help

When fully loaded, semi-trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. If all that mass collides with a commuter car, the results are often severe or life-altering. Fortunately, if you were involved in a big rig crash, you may have standing to sue the truck driver who hit you, the company who hired them, and/or various other parties over any damages you sustained.

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