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You might think it would be rare for a company to intentionally release a product they knew was dangerous in an attempt to make a quick profit. Unfortunately, as hundreds of Texans learn every year, plenty of national and international corporations do exactly that. Additionally, holding them legally accountable for the negative effects of their misconduct can be a uniquely challenging endeavor.

However, dedicated injury attorneys with years of experience handling dangerous product claims can help. If you were hurt because something you bought was not safe to use as advertised, talking to a Hutto defective products lawyer can be a vital first step towards protecting your long-term interests.

What Makes a Product Legally Defective?

While it is theoretically possible to hold a commercial manufacturer liable for a defective product through a traditional civil claim, the vast majority of product liability claims statewide are built around the theory of strict negligence. Rather than requiring plaintiffs to prove that a commercial drug company did something specifically reckless or careless in violation of a duty of care, strict liability theory holds corporations automatically liable for damages if an injury occurs in the following way:

  1. The defendant manufacturer made a product with a specific type of defect
  2. The defect existed when the product left said manufacturer’s direct control
  3. The product’s condition did not meaningfully change between when it left the manufacturer’s control and when the plaintiff obtained it
  4. The plaintiff used the product for its intended purpose and in a reasonable way
  5. While using the product, the plaintiff suffered injuries as a direct result of the established defect

Actionable defects can include fundamental issues with the product’s design that make every incarnation of it dangerous in roughly the same way, errors during manufacturing that make a specific incarnation or batch dangerously flawed, or a failure to provide sufficient warning in a product’s packaging or instructions about possible risks associated with normal use. A skilled defective products attorney in Hutto can help build a claim around any of these types of negligent manufacturing.

Getting Paid Fairly for All Possible Damages

As with standard personal injury cases, strict liability claims against product manufacturers can demand restitution for the full value of economic and non-economic losses caused by a defective product, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage, including replacement of the defective product
  • Lost short-term wages/salary
  • Lost future working capacity
  • Reduced enjoyment of life from long-term injuries
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Psychological trauma

If a manufacturer engaged in especially egregious misconduct or knowingly put a flawed product on the market, a court may impose additional punitive damages against them. However, as a product liability lawyer in Hutto can explain, this is a fairly rare outcome reserved only for extreme situations.

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No one deserves to be hurt because something they bought and reasonably expected to be safe was instead dangerously flawed. If a situation like this has left you with serious physical injuries and related losses, taking prompt legal action could be your best means of recovering in the short term as well as preserving your future prospects.

In both respects, guidance from a Hutto defective products lawyer can be crucial to achieving a positive case resolution. Call today to learn more.

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