Teen Driving Car Accidents in Hutto

Driving is hazardous enough when everyone on the road is experienced. It takes years to master driving, and even some older motorists never gain as much experience as they should. Additionally, it is well known that teenage drivers are more likely to cause accidents than adults. However, teen drivers also share the same responsibilities under the law to protect other people from harm.

If you were injured by a distracted or negligent adolescent driver, a skilled lawyer can help you navigate the process of resolving teen driving car accidents in Hutto. A hardworking vehicle collision attorney can gather evidence about the crash, leverage that evidence into a claim for compensation, and work to protect your rights every step of the way.

Rules Concerning Teenaged Drivers

Teenage drivers need to meet a few requirements before obtaining their drivers’ license. To begin, children as young as 15 years old can obtain a learner’s permit if they are enrolled in a driver’s education course. While these teenagers cannot drive alone, they can certainly be liable for crashes they cause behind the wheel.

Another aspect of obtaining any driver’s license or permit is understanding the legal duty that comes with driving. All drivers, no matter how young, assume a duty to protect other people that they may encounter while behind the wheel. However, newer and less-experienced drivers are more prone to making mistakes. Even when they are newly licensed, a teen will need to assume responsibility for any accidents they cause. An attorney in Hutto can help a plaintiff hold a newly licensed adolescent driver accountable for a crash.

Pursuing a Claim against a Teenage Defendant

As stated above, all teenagers have the same duty to drive safely as all other motorists. However, even though teenagers are more likely to be involved in accidents, this does not mean that a court will assume a teenager to be at fault.

Plaintiffs who pursue claims against adolescent drivers and their insurance companies must still be able to prove that the teenager was negligent. Common examples of reckless teenage driving include speeding, texting behind the wheel, or failing to stop at stop signs. A knowledgeable lawyer can prove a teen driver’s carelessness by invoking evidence of a conviction for a traffic violation.

However, some cases might become more complicated. In instances where a responding police officer does not issue a traffic ticket, a plaintiff must prove that simple carelessness was the source of the crash. Here, people should be aware of the state’s modified comparative negligence rule. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003, courts must evaluate the actions of all parties involved in an accident, and if a court believes a plaintiff to be more than 50 percent to blame, that court cannot award the plaintiff any compensation. An attorney in Hutto can help prove that a teenage defendant is just as liable as an adult after a vehicle accident.

Discuss Teen Driving Accidents in Hutto with Our Attorneys

State law allows drivers as young as 15 to get behind the wheel, and these children have the same responsibility to drive in a safe manner as anyone else. However, it is no secret that many teenagers fail to drive as cautiously as they should. Collisions that involve teenage drivers are a constant threat to local motorists.

Thankfully, our skilled lawyers can help after teen driving car accidents in Hutto. Our team can work to explain the intricacies involved in teenage driver cases and insurance claims. Reach out to our offices today to schedule your initial consultation.

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