Hit and Run Car Accidents in Hutto

Most demands for compensation following traffic accidents in Hutto target a negligent driver and their insurance company. A car accident victim will usually file a claim against these entities to demand payment for all their past, current, and future losses. However, seeking payment for a car crash can be a lot more challenging if a plaintiff does not know the identity of the other driver.

Unfortunately, negligent drivers regularly flee the scene of the crash in an attempt to avoid responsibility for their actions. Not only is this behavior illegal, but it also makes it more challenging for injured drivers to obtain the compensation they deserve. Allowing a dedicated car wreck attorney to take the lead in your case can help you track down a driver following hit and run car accidents in Hutto. Our team can also assist when you need to demand compensation from your own insurance policy to cover your losses.

Helping Identify Drivers Who Flee the Scene

State law is clear in requiring any driver to stop at the scene of an accident where bodily harm or death has occurred. In fact, Texas Transportation Code § 550.021 says that it is a criminal offense to not remain at the scene of an accident that results in person’s injury or death. In addition, people involved in a crash have an obligation under the law to provide identifying information about themselves, render reasonable aid to those who have sustained injuries, and contact law enforcement or other emergency services.

If a vehicle collision has resulted in another driver fleeing the scene, this is a direct violation of state law. Law enforcement will certainly be interested in talking with and possibly arresting the driver who failed to remain at the scene of a crash. A dedicated lawyer is also prepared to investigate the facts of a car collision and locate any people who may have been involved in hit the hit and run.

Negotiating With Insurance After a Hit and Run

In some cases, even law enforcement might be unable to locate the driver who fled the scene of a crash. Thankfully, when this happens, there are still some ways that an injured plaintiff can pursue compensation for their losses.

The first option is for an injured driver to seek out compensation for medical bills through their own insurance policy. Many car insurance policies contain provisions for personal injury protection (PIP). This is coverage that pays for medical bills regardless of who is to blame for a collision.

In addition, many policies contain optional provisions for underinsured or uninsured motorists. These clauses can allow an injured person to seek out payments for their medical bills in the event that they cannot locate the other, at-fault driver. An attorney in Hutto can help a hit and run accident plaintiff prove the extent of their losses when seeking compensation from their own insurance company.

Contact an Attorney About Hit and Run Car Accidents in Hutto

Any car collision can leave you with serious injuries, but the situation becomes even worse when the other driver flees the scene of the crash. If a negligent motorist hit you and ran, it makes it infinitely more challenging to file a claim and collect compensation for your losses. You will likely need to work closely with law enforcement to track this person down and keep your case moving forward.

Thankfully, our legal team can speak with witnesses and obtain traffic camera footage to help you track down the driver of the other car. If this does not help, our lawyers can determine whether payments through PIP coverage or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are an option. Reach out to our team today to learn more about your options for resolving hit and run car accidents in Hutto.

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