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Slip and fall injuries can lead to premises liability claims, in which injured parties seek to hold property owners liable for their injuries. Property owners who are remiss in maintaining their property can cause preventable accidents. Injury victims in this situation may want to enlist the assistance of a Belton slip and fall lawyer to pursue their legal claims.

A successful slip and fall claim may allow you to obtain compensation for your injuries, including payment of your medical expenses and lost wages when you are unable to work. These claims also can hold property owners accountable for their negligent actions in failing to keep their property safe for the benefit of others. A local personal injury lawyer can present available options to injured parties and help them pursue the best path for them and their family.

The Basics of Premises Liability Law

Slip and fall claims are a variation of premises liability claims or claims that property owners are financially responsible for accidents caused by a dangerous condition. Property owners owe varying degrees of legal duties to keep their property safe for others, depending on the type of person injured on their property. The level of responsibility required directly affects the liability of the property owners involved.

For example, business owners owe a obligation of care to affirmatively protect customers from harm while doing business on their property. This legal obligation may include periodically scanning the property for dangers and taking prompt action to remedy those dangers. If they cannot rectify the hazards right away, property owners may need to adequately warn customers of potential risks through signs, caution tape, cones, and other warnings.

On the other hand, property owners do not owe the same level of care to trespassers or others illegally present on their property. Suppose those individuals suffer injuries due to a dangerous condition on the property. In that case, the property owners may not be liable for any damages, absent evidence that they intentionally created a hazardous condition designed to harm others, such as setting a trap.

Types of Slip and Fall Claims

Various conditions on a property can lead to slip and fall accidents, whether the property is public or private. Although slip and fall accidents may seem minor, they can lead to devastating injuries in some cases, such as traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. Some examples of accidents that might lead to slip and fall claims include:

  • Shoppers slipping on spilled liquids in a grocery store
  • Customers slipping on wet flooring in a beauty salon after a rainstorm
  • Movie theater patrons slipping on cracked sidewalks or uneven concrete as they walk to their vehicles following a movie
  • Individuals who slip and fall on loose gravel in the yard when visiting their neighbors

If any of these individuals suffer significant injuries from a slip and fall, they might have a legal claim against the property owner based on premises liability. A slip and fall attorney in Belton can help individuals explore their options for legal relief.

Time Limits for Slip and Fall Claims

Tex. Civ. Prac. and Rem. Code § 16.003 limits the timeframe in which injured parties can file their claims for damages following slip and fall accidents. All states have these deadlines or statutes of limitations, which offer a measure of certainty for all parties involved. As a result, individuals with personal injury claims in Texas, including slip and fall claims, must file their suits within two years of their accidents.

Although state law does prescribe some exceptions to this general rule, individuals should assume that they have no later than two years to file their claims. Otherwise, they risk being unable to pursue any compensation claims arising from their slip and fall accidents.

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Working with a Belton slip and fall lawyer may be the most effective way of discovering whether you have a valid legal claim. Together, you can build a claim for compensation based on the negligence of the property owners.

A successful claim for compensation arising from a slip and fall accident may allow you to get paid for the medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses incurred due to your injuries. You also may hold property owners accountable for their negligence in allowing an otherwise preventable accident to occur. Get started today on your claim today.

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