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Premises liability claims arise when people are injured due to some hazardous condition or use of property belonging to others. Property owners owe distinct duties of care to keep their property safe. When they fail to do so, and injuries occur, a Belton premises liability lawyer might assist you.

Claims based on premises liability law can be complicated, depending on the situation. Since you may be dealing with severe injuries, the financial stakes in these claims can be high. Relying on a diligent personal injury lawyer in your community may be the most effective way to seek compensation from the parties liable for your injuries.

Premises Liability for Property Owners

Premises liability law is based on general principles of negligence. This legal theory involves four separate elements that injury victims must prove to hold property owners liable. As a premises liability lawyer in Belton may advise, these elements include duty, breach of duty, proximate cause, and damages.


All property owners have a commitment to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others who enter their property. This duty entails regularly surveying the property for any known hazards or dangerous conditions that they reasonably should be aware of and taking action to remove or warn of those hazards. The extent of this duty varies according to the status of the person who suffers the injuries.

For instance, while commercial property owners owe the highest duty of care to the customers and patrons who enter their businesses. However, in the case of trespassers, property owners only must avoid inflicting intentional harm.

Breach of Duty

Injury victims must establish the level of the duty that the property owners owe them, but they also must prove that the property owners breached their essential duties. The evidence must show that the property owners were aware, or reasonably should have been aware of the dangerous condition, but also failed to take steps to mitigate the dangers to others. The property owners either failed to remedy the situation or adequately warn others of the potentially dangerous condition.

Proximate Cause

Injury victims must show that the breach in the legal duty by the property owners directly led to their injuries. If the property owners had not been negligent in keeping their property safe for the benefit of others, then the injured parties would not have suffered injuries. Injury victims also must provide evidence that they were acting reasonably at the time of the accident and did not solely cause their injuries.


Finally, to maintain a premises liability claim, injury victims must show documentation to support the damages they have suffered due to their injuries. More specifically, they must provide evidence of their losses, including lost wages, medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

Common Examples of Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims can arise from various situations that occur on both public and private property. According to a premises liability attorney in Belton, some common examples of premises liability claims include the following:

  • Grocery store customers slip and fall on spilled liquid
  • Movie theatre patrons are assaulted in a dark parking lot with no security cameras
  • Neighbors trip and fall at a backyard barbecue or picnic
  • Dogs attack and bite a neighborhood child

Commercial property owners might be liable if they failed to maintain their premises for their customers reasonably. These duties can include regularly inspecting the property for dangerous conditions, warning patrons of potential hazards, and remedying them. Likewise, private property owners may be liable to guests injured on their property, and government entities may be responsible for people injured on government property.

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Slips and falls and other accidents that arise on public or private property may lead to severe injuries. When you or a loved one is harmed in this manner, the property owner and various other parties may be liable for the costs of your injuries. A Belton premises liability lawyer can evaluate your situation and determine whether you have a legal claim for compensation.

Various degrees of legal duties exist in premises liability cases. Legal counsel can consider the individual circumstances of each case and help you explore your options for legal recourse. Get started today.

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