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Injuries that people suffer in a motorcycle wreck may be more likely to be debilitating or fatal due to the lack of protection that motorcycles offer their riders. With nothing to prevent the full impact, the results for motorcycle riders and passengers can be devastating. Consulting a Belton motorcycle accident lawyer following a wreck may help protect your interests and your legal rights to any claims that you may have.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, you may be uncertain about where to turn for help. Securing the assistance of a personal injury lawyer can be a vital first step in enforcing your rights to compensation. When the indifference of others has led to your injuries, you may be entitled to payment for your losses.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Occupants of passenger vehicles benefit from many safety features if they are involved in a crash, including seat belts, airbags, and the protective shield of a metal vehicle frame surrounding them. Motorcyclists, however, have no such protections. Although they may be wearing helmets and other protective gear, Texas law does not require most riders to take these safety measures, and they still do not offer full protection to riders from the impact of an accident.

As a result, motorcyclists are prone to be ejected from their bikes and sustain a significant impact whether they hit the ground, another vehicle, or a stationary object. Their injuries thus often are very severe and sometimes fatal. Motorcyclists may suffer permanent impairments from these injuries.

For instance, motorcycle riders regularly sustain broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations in motorcycle accidents. They also may suffer from spinal cord injuries and internal injuries. These injuries may lead to permanent disabilities that hinder them from returning to work and resuming their ordinary activities.

Negligence and Motorcycle Crash Claims

To hold other parties liable for the costs of their losses, injury victims typically must prove the existence of negligence. This standard usually relies on evidence of some level of recklessness or carelessness that directly led to the accidents. This behavior also must violate a legal duty of care that the allegedly responsible parties owed them.

All drivers have a legal commitment to exercise care for the safety of others. This duty generally requires them to follow traffic rules and laws and drive in a reasonably safe manner. When drivers neglect or violate this duty, whether by disregarding traffic laws or driving in an unsafe manner, they may be liable for the costs of any injuries that they cause.

Recovery of Damages in Motorcycle Accident Claims

To collect damages through a personal injury claim arising from a motorcycle wreck, victims also must prove that they suffered injuries due to the breach in the duty of reasonable care by the other parties. They also must provide evidence of their injuries to justify a damages award. Injured motorcyclists may be able to recover a wide range of damages, depending on their circumstances.

Some damages in personal injury claims are economic, meaning that documentary evidence often exists to prove their value. For instance, injury victims usually accrue significant medical bills related to their injuries, which are likely compensable through a personal injury claim. Likewise, they may need to purchase medical assistive devices, undergo therapy and rehabilitation, and modify their homes and vehicles to accommodate any permanent impairments. They also may lose income while they are unable to work, perhaps permanently.

Individuals injured in motorcycle accidents also may be entitled to damages of an intangible or non-economic nature. These types of damages could include pain and suffering, and emotional trauma stemming from the accident. Loss of enjoyment of life is another example of non-economic damages that a motorcycle accident attorney in Belton can help the injured person pursue.

Let a Belton Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help

The results of a motorcycle crash can be catastrophic. Riders, who have no protection against much larger and heavier motor vehicles, are particularly prone to severe injuries that may cause permanent impairments. Contacting a Belton motorcycle accident lawyer to explore your legal options following a crash may be wise.

Legal counsel may answer your many questions following a motorcycle wreck and calm your many concerns. Together, you can work to build a strong personal injury claim seeking damages for your losses. Schedule a consultation to get started today.

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