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Wherever you go, you can see construction happening. One of the most obvious signs of construction work being done is scaffolding. Scaffolding is an integral part of the construction process; these temporary structures are meant to provide workers access to elevated areas, like building facades or bridges. It also allows workers to do their jobs safely and securely – whether that be painting, maintenance, installation, or otherwise.

Unfortunately, any time scaffolding goes up, there is a risk of an accident. If you were harmed by scaffolding, contact one of our construction accident attorneys today for a free consultation. Discuss with our team how a Waco scaffolding accident lawyer can help you as you pursue compensation for your injuries.

State Laws Relating to Scaffolding at Worksites

Because scaffolding is such an essential part of the construction process, several laws relate to their usage. Firstly, Texas Labor Code § 401.011(44) defines scaffolds as a temporary elevated or suspended platform used for supporting workers and materials at all phases of the construction process, including alteration, repair, and demolition work. Relatedly, T.L.C. § 401.011(45) defines scaffold users and describes their responsibilities while using them.

Most importantly, T.L.C. § 401.011(46) identifies scaffold constructors and describes their responsibilities in regard to erecting, maintaining, and dismantling scaffolding. Violation of this law or any related laws could imply liability in a related injury action; the more liable parties, the more chances to recover damages. An attorney in Waco can review the applicable laws and apply them to a scaffolding accident lawsuit.

Liable Parties and Possible Damages

In a scaffolding case, multiple parties could be liable. The scaffolding contractor could be liable if they were negligent or reckless in assembling, operating, or taking down scaffolding. A fellow worker could be liable if their negligent or reckless behavior – say, working while under the influence – led to an accident happening. A separate contractor could be liable if their actions led to an accident involving nearby scaffolding.

Determining who is liable is essential to obtaining damages. Once defendants are identified, a damages calculation can be made, which can then be argued for in court or through a negotiation for a payout with the involved insurance companies. Damages include economic, noneconomic, and exemplary, or punitive, damages. There is no second chance to recover, so it is important to get fair compensation after a scaffolding accident – something a talented lawyer in Waco can help with.

Ways a Lawyer Can Assist With a Scaffolding Incident Suit

A lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation of a scaffolding accident. Such an investigation would identify who is responsible for the accident and could involve many tasks, including:

  • Reviewing photo and video evidence
  • Parsing the police report and witness statements
  • Interviewing new witnesses
  • Consulting with experts
  • Recreating the accident
  • Referencing medical reports and applicable laws

A scaffolding accident investigation is critical and often necessitates the skill and experience a Waco lawyer can provide. A lawyer can also put their legal training to work at negotiating for an appropriate settlement. Insurance companies are for-profit and can be tough to deal with; a lawyer can handle all communications with the insurers and ensure a person does not take a lowball settlement offer.

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There is no reason at all to face the insurance or legal process alone. An experienced Waco scaffolding accident lawyer is available to discuss how they can help you obtain damages for your injuries. Scaffolding accidents are serious. Treat yours with the seriousness it deserves, and hire a good lawyer. Call us today to learn more about your legal options.

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