Waco Building Collapse Lawyer

While structural failures are rare in the United States, they do still happen from time to time. Determining exactly why a building partially or completely collapsed can take years of investigation, and the results of an investigation might indicate many factors contributed to the incident. This long period of examination can be frustrating for people who were involved in the building collapse, as they are likely left with significant losses.

Recovering fair compensation for the harm you experienced due to a structural failure can be complicated on both legal and emotional levels, as any construction injury attorney knows. In a situation like this, having help from a knowledgeable Waco building collapse lawyer can make all the difference between getting the compensation you deserve or being left with no options for keeping your life on track.

Who Holds Legal Liability for a Building Collapse?

Negligent behavior can lead to building collapses in numerous ways, from small mistakes made by contractors involved in the construction of a building to massive problems with the structure’s core design or a failure to follow the architect’s plans. Figuring out exactly how a building collapse happened can be vital to filing a civil claim, though, since the specific type(s) of negligence which led to the collapse will determine who can be held legally liable for the resulting injuries and losses.

In many situations, structural failures that occur during construction work can be traced back to general contractors who purchased subpar construction materials, failed to ensure workers on site were properly trained, neglected the building’s blueprints, or ignored state or federal-level safety regulations. Alternatively, fault for a collapse may lie with a particular subcontractor or vendor hired to work on a construction site, or with engineers and architects who planned out a building with a design defect that made it inherently unsafe. A Waco building collapse attorney can take the lead in thoroughly investigating the incident from every angle, gathering evidence of fault, and pursuing fair restitution on an injured person’s behalf.

Recovering Fairly Through Third-Party Litigation

It is always possible to file suit against a third party whose misconduct directly led to building collapse injuries. Additionally, since Texas allows employers to voluntarily designate themselves as “non-subscribers” and refrain from purchasing workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, it is sometimes possible to file suit directly against an employer for their own role in a collapse.

Either way, recoverable damages through a comprehensive civil claim may include:

  • All medical bills for both past and future injury-related care
  • Lost work wages and/or ability to work in the future
  • Personal property damage, plus injury-related expenses for things like wheelchairs and other assistive equipment
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional and psychological suffering
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost quality/enjoyment of life

A skilled Waco lawyer can assess the circumstances surrounding a building collapse and determine the extent of compensation an injured plaintiff deserves.

A Waco Building Collapse Attorney Can Help

No matter how a building collapse happens, anyone whose negligence contributed to the incident should be held accountable for their actions. If you and your family have been impacted by this type of catastrophe, assistance from seasoned legal counsel can prove essential to getting you paid fairly for both your short and your long-term losses.

To learn more about your legal options and your unique case process, reach out to a Waco building collapse lawyer today. Our legal team can assess your case and help you protect your rights.

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