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Sadly, many people suffer burn injuries every year. These burns cause excruciating pain and many other complications. Some burn survivors face months and even years of skin grafts and other costly medical procedures. Even after years of treatments, some people never fully recover. They might be left with disfiguring scars, limitations to their mobility, and reduced confidence in their appearance.

If you or your loved one were burned by a defendant’s negligent conduct, a Universal City burn injury lawyer can help you through these difficult times. When you file a catastrophic injury claim with the assistance of our legal team, you maximize your chances of recovering the monetary damages you deserve.

What Usually Causes Burn Injuries?

Although people tend to think burns only come from fires, other sources like chemicals, radiation, or electricity could leave someone severely burned. To elaborate, some of the most common causes or sources of burn injuries include:

All these instances deserve legal attention, and Universal City attorneys have extensive experience with numerous kinds of burn injury claims.

Most burns occur because of somebody else’s negligence or recklessness. A strong legal team can investigate the accident to see how it happened and who bears potential legal responsibility for the cost of the burns. Our representatives can work hard to ensure that burn injury plaintiffs get the compensation they need to recover from any one of these accidents.

The Different Levels of Burn Injury

Medical professionals generally classify burns according to their degree of severity. This means that understanding these differences and determining the intensity of a burn injury is a crucial part of a case.

First-Degree Burns

These burns only touch the skin’s outer layer. Although they can be painful, they usually heal relatively quickly without medical treatment. They do not cause the skin to blister, and they typically leave no permanent scars. First-degree burns often cause swelling, dryness, and redness. Sunburns are common first-degree burns.

Second-Degree Burns

These injuries, also known as “partial thickness burns,” affect two layers of the skin. They involve the skin’s outer layer and its underlying tissue. They are painful and generally require medical treatment. They cause redness, swelling, and blisters.

Third-Degree Burns

Finally, these burns destroy the outer layers of skin and extend further into the deep tissue. They can spread into tendons, muscles, and bones. Because they destroy nerve endings, there is often no feeling in the damaged area. The affected skin is often white or charred.

Many burn survivors need urgent medical care immediately following their injury. They also frequently need extensive specialized, follow-up treatment. For instance, a severely injured plaintiff might need to visit a special burn center, where they could receive plastic surgery or a reconstructive operation.

Thankfully, our seasoned Universal City lawyers understand the different levels of treatment that burn victims need and can fight for compensation that reimburses for the full extent of losses or expenses.

Meet with a Universal City Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are always painful. They feature an intense recuperation period and can take an immense physical, emotional, and financial toll on a family.

Therefore, if you were severely burned in an accident caused by negligence, let an experienced Universal City burn injury lawyer help you. They can take charge of your case, investigate the accident, collect evidence of the defendant’s negligence, and protect your rights as a plaintiff. Reach out today to learn more.

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