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Being unable to move some or all of your body can be extremely frightening. Until you learn more about your diagnosis and recovery options, you might wonder how much your life will change. While some forms of paralysis are short-term, some instances might leave you paralyzed for life. Even temporary paralysis can have severe negative implications on your physical health, emotional state, and financial stability.

If a defendant’s negligence caused the accident that led to you getting paralyzed, you can work with our catastrophic injury attorneys to hold them accountable. A universal city paralysis injury lawyer can help you seek the financial compensation that you need to start your recovery process.

Frequent Causes of Paralysis

Although some forms of paralysis develop over time from serious illnesses or degenerative diseases, most cases of paralysis occur from sudden trauma to the spinal cord. This damage disrupts the brain’s ability to send signals to the rest of the body and can leave multiple regions disabled.

Common examples of everyday accidents that cause paralysis injuries include but are not limited to:

  • Car, truck, bus, or motorcycle wrecks
  • Severe slips and falls
  • Industrial or construction accidents
  • Sporting and recreational injuries
  • Bicycle crashes
  • Collisions with pedestrians

Regardless of the cause, a hardworking attorney in Universal City can collect evidence about the accident and factor it into a compelling paralysis injury claim.

Different Kinds of Paralysis

Medical practitioners define paralysis as the loss of the ability to move part or all of the body. Depending on the kind of paralysis, some people retain feeling in the affected areas, whereas other people have no sensation.


Monoplegia refers to when a person cannot move or control one area of the body, usually one limb. While many cases of monoplegia are caused by strokes, brain injuries, tumors, or cerebral palsy, severed or impacted nerves can also cause monoplegia. People who suffer from monoplegia can sometimes regain all or part of their previous ability through intense physical therapy.


Hemiplegia only impacts one side of the body, which means that an injured plaintiff might lose control of their left arm and leg. Brain injuries and spinal cord damage, when suffered in an accident, can cause hemiplegia. Early medical intervention and physical and occupational therapy can make a difference in the long term, but this form of paralysis is serious.


Meanwhile paraplegia refers to substantial impairment in the movement, functioning, and control of the body below the waist. Most instances of paraplegia are caused by severe spinal cord damage. Individuals with this form of paralysis can usually recover some but not all their previous function through intense physical therapy.


Finally, quadriplegia affects the functioning and control of all areas below the neck. The severity of quadriplegia often varies from person to person, with some people retaining some sensation and others having no feeling or ability to move. As with paraplegia, spinal cord injuries lead to most cases of quadriplegia.

Skilled Universal City lawyers understand the challenges that each type of paralysis injury presents. They know how to evaluate a plaintiff’s case, assess their future medical needs, and communicate the severity of the injury in a claim for financial compensation.

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Paralysis can forever alter your life. If you were paralyzed by a defendant’s negligence, you might never be able to perform the same functions or enjoy life as you previously did. Our law firm understands this and can fight for the justice you deserve.

When you work with a Universal City paralysis injury lawyer, you maximize your chances of collecting adequate financial compensation. You will need these monetary damages to recover from the accident, so reach out to our firm today to schedule your initial consultation.

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