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Dog bites and attacks are very common across the country. Unfortunately, many of these attacks involve children. These incidents can cause physical, emotional, and financial injuries with devastating consequences.

If a dog has attacked you or a loved one, you might be entitled to compensation from the canine’s owner. A knowledgeable Temple dog bite lawyer can fight to get damages such as lost wages and income, past and future medical bills, and disability. Discuss your case and rights with an experienced personal injury attorney in your community. En Español 

The “One Bite” Rule

Texas is one of many states that adheres to a “one bite” rule. Accordingly, a Temple dog owner is not liable for injuries their dog causes unless the owner was aware of their dog’s history of vicious behavior. In short, a dog owner will not be held liable for injuries resulting from their dog’s first bite in most cases.

A Temple dog owner can be held strictly liable for subsequent attacks and injuries following their dog’s first incident. The latter is true even if the owner exercised a high degree of caution to keep others safe from their dog. An adept Temple dog attack attorney can help an injured person get money for their injuries.

Dog Owner Negligence

A negligent dog owner can be held legally responsible for harm caused by their dog’s first attack. Under Texas law, dog owners must take reasonable steps to reduce the risk that their dog will harm someone. These steps vary depending on the dog’s characteristics and can include walking their dog on a leash, placing a muzzle on their dog when in public, and enclosing their dog inside a yard using a fence, leash, or both.

Dog owners that do not exercise a certain level of care can be considered negligent. A dog owner’s negligence can be the basis of a lawsuit if it caused another person’s injuries. A dog owner can be deemed negligent if they:

  • Permit their dog to walk around without a leash
  • Train their dog to be ferocious
  • Encourage their dog to fight
  • Neglect to put an end to their dog’s attack

Unfortunately, not all dog owners take the necessary precautions with their dogs. A qualified Temple dog bite attorney can determine the facts of a dog attack and the history of the dog’s behavior to support an injured party’s claims.

Potential Landlord Liability

Landlords assume a significant amount of responsibility for tenants and guests. For instance, they must ensure that common spaces are reasonably safe and void of dangerous conditions. A vicious dog can be considered a danger for everyone on the premises.

If a landlord is aware that a vicious dog lives on the property, he or she must take steps to protect the tenants and guests’ safety. The action they take may include asking the tenant to have the dog removed from the premises.

If the landlord fails to do anything and warn visitors of any potential harm, an injured party can hold the landlord personally responsible for their injuries. A competent Temple dog bite attorney can help an injured party hold their landlord liable if applicable.

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If a dog has wounded you, an experienced Temple dog bite lawyer can defend your legal right to receive compensation. This compensation can include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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