Temple Child Injury Lawyer 

Due to a child’s curious nature, minors can sustain severe injuries due to many reasons. A child could get injured in any type of accident involving motor vehicles, loose animals, dangerous products, and hazards on someone’s property. Not only can an injury to a minor cause physical and emotional pain, but financial losses as well. When a child is injured, the party responsible could be held liable for damages. We can help.

A Temple child injury lawyer can help guide your family through this difficult time and help you get compensation for your child’s injuries. You and your child deserve the best chance at a fair outcome. It is helpful to know your child’s rights, and a knowledgeable attorney could make a vast difference in your case. From filing to settlement, legal counsel can support and inform you through the process.

Reaching out to a compassionate lawyer can help take some of the strain from your stressful child injury case and help you reach a favorable outcome.

Common Causes of Child Injury

Since children are still growing and are more susceptible to serious injuries in an accident. Some of the most common injuries in child cases include:

Every case is different, so having a legal professional review the facts is paramount to receiving the compensation owed for a child’s injury.

Seeking Compensation For Damages

A parent or guardian who files an injured child claim could be entitled to many forms of compensation. Specifically, the law allows a parent to sue, on their own behalf, for lost wages and medical bills not paid by insurance. On behalf of their child, they may sue for negligence, compensation for lost quality of life, and permanent disability. Temple attorneys who specialize in child injury cases can review the facts of the case and help recover compensation for damages.

The Deadline to File a Lawsuit in Temple

In a child injury case, it is essential to recognize the law surrounding the deadline allowed to file a lawsuit. The timeline, or statute of limitations, on personal injury cases, is typically two years, but for children, that clock does not begin until they turn 18. While there is a wide window for starting a child injury claim, a parent can choose to file a claim as soon as the injury occurs.

Schedule a Consultation With a Temple Child Injury Attorney

If a child has been hurt, there are numerous reasons to contact a child injury lawyer. An experienced Temple attorney may act as an intermediary between the parties and negotiate a positive settlement to the case. An injury lawyer is familiar with insurance companies and government agencies that may be involved in a child’s recovery.

A child injury lawyer is also an expert that knows reimbursement caps, deadlines, and compensation types. These elements are crucial to a successful case. The law is complex, but your case may not have to be. Reach out to a Temple child injury lawyer today.

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