Side-Impact Car Accidents in Temple

Taking and granting the right of way properly at roadway intersections is not just a matter of obeying the law and showing courtesy to your fellow drivers—in many cases, it can be crucial to avoiding serious accidents. Even modern commuter cars have relatively few safety features specifically dedicated to mitigating the effects of side-impact wrecks, so when one vehicle T-bones or sideswipes another, the effects can often be devastating.

Fortunately, if you were hurt in a side-impact car accident in Temple because another driver operated their vehicle recklessly or carelessly, you may have grounds to file suit against that driver for significant compensation. A knowledgeable car accident lawyer could discuss your circumstances with you and offer guidance about your prospects for civil recovery.

The Unique Dangers of T-Bone Car Wrecks

Beyond just intersections between two or more separate roads, side-impact car crashes can happen just about anywhere drivers travel perpendicularly to each other, including crowded parking lots, entrances and exits to suburban neighborhoods, and even driveways. While not as violent as T-bone crashes, sideswipe side-impact accidents in Temple often occur in highway merge lanes, turn lanes, and at stop lights and stop signs.

No matter where or how a side-impact incident happens, drivers and passengers involved in such wrecks often have an abnormally high risk of injury compared to some other types of wrecks. Vehicle occupants do not have engine blocks, rear trunks, or often even airbags to absorb the force behind an impact to the side paneling of their car, meaning that all that force can be redirected into the occupant instead.

Even at low speeds, accidents like this can result in serious harm that often has long-term and even permanent consequences. Common injuries in Temple side-impact car crashes include lacerations from broken glass, bone fractures, severe brain trauma, neck and spine trauma that may lead to paralysis, and traumatic damage to internal organs.

What Is the Best Way to Seek Financial Restitution?

When someone files an insurance claim or a lawsuit over any kind of personal injury stemming from an auto accident, they are seeking restitution for specific “compensatory damages” that the negligence of another person directly caused them to suffer. Depending on the specific policy or policies involved, car insurance claims could allow recovery for economic damages like past and future medical expenses, car repair bills, and short-term car rental costs. Conversely, a lawsuit could allow recovery for additional economic damages like lost work income, as well as non-economic damages like physical pain and emotional suffering.

The optimal course of action for individual victims of side-impact car accidents in Temple will vary based on the details of the specific incident in question, the severity of harm an injured victim suffered, and the car insurance coverage they and/or the at-fault party have access to. A conversation with a car accident lawyer could help clear up any confusion about what to do in a particular situation.

Talk to a Temple Attorney After a Side-Impact Car Accident

Whether you were T-boned by someone running a red light, sideswiped by someone not paying attention while changing lanes, or involved in any other kind of side-impact car accident in Temple, you should not simply accept the injuries and losses you sustained without a fight. Texas civil law grants you the right to hold negligent people accountable for the damages they cause you, and a qualified legal professional could help make effective and efficient use of that right.

Car accident claims can be complicated for anyone to handle alone, but a seasoned car accident lawyer could work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome for yours. Call today to learn more.

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