Temple Rear-End Collision Lawyer

A rear-end collision occurs when a driver gets hit from behind by another vehicle. A crash can occur if a motor vehicle driver is tailgating, there are hazardous weather conditions, or they are driving too fast for conditions. Many collisions happen in the main major thoroughfares here in Texas, which would be the I 35, I 10, Loop 1604, 410, Highway 281 and Highway 151, especially during rush hour traffic. If you were injured in a crash due to a tailgating driver, you need compensation for your damages. Let a Temple rear-end collision lawyer help you get the money you need. Speak to a diligent car accident attorney to discuss your legal right to compensation.

Is The Tailgating Driver Always At  Fault?

Often, the trailing driver or the motorist in the back is usually the one that causes the collision. In some situations, the tailgating driver may not be 100 percent at fault. Sometimes a crash occurs because the vehicle in front made a sudden or abrupt lane change without signaling. In those situations, both the front vehicle driver and the tailgating motorist can both face liability.

Other factors that can affect liability include:

  • The weather conditions
  • If someone is braking too hard
  • Failing to signal
  • Changing lanes abruptly
  • Speeding

There are many factors that are taken into account when determining liability. A diligent rear-end car accident lawyer can help against any claims of shared fault to help the injured claimant get the compensation they need.

How Can a Lawyer Help Determine Liability?

One of the main tools a lawyer can use in Temple to help establish liability is inspecting the damage to the vehicles or send an investigator or an accident reconstructionist to look at the damage to the vehicles to determine how it happened. The investigator or the accident reconstructionist can inspect the vehicle from airbag deployment as well as recovering data that is stored in these airbag modules that determine the exact cause of the collision.

A skilled rear-end collision attorney could also gather the police report and determine the accuracy of the report. There can be situations in which the police report was not accurate, often due to witness statements. Additionally, witness statements are tools that an attorney can use or get information about how to collision occurred.

Contact a Temple Rear-End Collision Attorney As Soon As Possible

There are many things a nearby attorney can do to help following a rear-end collision. This includes gathering evidence, getting the police report as soon as possible, determining the accuracy of the police report, witnesses, identifying witnesses, and then making sure you receive treatment as soon as possible. Seeking medical treatment immediately following a crash is essential because the insurance company can use any type of delay to try and minimize their liability. Call today to learn more about how a Temple rear-end collision lawyer can help your case.

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