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Defective products are often more than just a nuisance; they can be harmful. Any manufactured item made available to the public, from consumer goods to industrial supplies, could lead to a civil lawsuit if it resulted in personal injury.

Manufacturers have a duty to ensure these items are safe; failing to do so could result in liability. Let a dedicated Seguin defective products lawyer help you understand your legal options.

Most Common Types of Defects

Not all defects are the same. Critical errors on the manufacturer’s part can happen at different points in the process. A product liability attorney in Seguin could pursue a civil suit based on the following product defects.

Design Defects

Some issues arise on a design level. In these cases, inadequate testing or poor planning can lead a company to develop something intended for public consumption that is inherently and unreasonably dangerous. These issues apply to every item in the product line.

Manufacturing Errors

The term “manufacturing error” can apply to a mistake that occurs at any point between the end of the design process and the day the item is displayed on a retailer’s shelves. While these issues commonly happen in a factory setting, they can also arise during transportation or packaging processes.

The scope of these issues can also vary dramatically. In some cases, a single item in a product line might have dangerous issues. In other situations, the same problem might affect entire shipments. The manufacturer might allege the damage or defect occurred due to the actions of another party.

Marketing Issues

The term “marketing” is most typically used to describe advertising efforts, but in this context, it means something else entirely. A product’s marketing includes the warnings and instructions that accompany it. Consumers are not entitled to compensation if they fail to heed warnings or use the object as instructed. However, if the documentation makes it impossible for that person to use the merchandise as intended, there may be a viable case for compensation.

Items That are Often Defective

Defects can happen in any industry. The nature of these issues can vary, with some products being more likely than others to result in debilitating injuries. For example, appliances have been known to explode or burst into flames, leading to serious burns. Illnesses are also possible in these situations, especially when chemicals and malfunctioning machinery result in harmful exposure to an individual.

Having a clear picture of objects likely to result in debilitating injuries is helpful for anyone considering legal action against a manufacturer. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Medication
  • Motor vehicles
  • Children’s toys
  • Food
  • Industrial machinery
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Power tools

With the help of a lawyer in Seguin, it may be possible to hold a manufacturer accountable when their defective products lead to physical harm.

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More often than not, the public places their trust in the hands of large manufacturers, even though it is not always earned. Some companies do not take reasonable steps to ensure consumers are safe when using the items they release into the public marketplace. If you were hurt under these circumstances, now is the time to seek help. Call a Seguin defective products lawyer today.

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