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Many professions have benefited from recent innovations in technology, equipment, and machinery. These advancements have made working in most jobs much safer than they used to be. Unfortunately, risks still exist in many workplaces, particularly in the construction industry.

When you experience an injury while at a construction site, you might face a lengthy and difficult recuperation. A Seguin construction accident lawyer can help you by investigating your legal options. You might be eligible to collect financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit against the company or person for causing your injury.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Different kinds of accidents can occur on construction sites. Most commonly, people experience severe injuries or even fatalities in motor vehicle accidents on construction sites or when they fall from high elevations, get caught in between or crushed by objects or equipment, get struck by falling objects, or suffer electrical or electrocution injuries.

Many of these accidents occur because construction companies or property owners fail to comply with the federal government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s safety standards. Some examples of negligence leading to injuries on construction sites are as follows:

  • Unsafe machinery or equipment, such as power tools without protections or guards
  • Lack of adequate fall protection on elevated platforms and other surfaces
  • Construction materials and other debris left haphazardly on the ground, creating a tripping hazard
  • Rundown or defective machinery and equipment
  • Lack of protection and gear to shield workers and passersby from objects falling onto the ground
  • Inadequate safety protections for workers performing their jobs near power lines and gas lines
  • Lack of safety training
  • Careless driving of a construction vehicle

A dedicated attorney in New Braunfels knows how to skillfully investigate construction site accidents. With our years of experience and practical knowledge, we can pinpoint what went wrong.

Filing a Lawsuit After a Construction Site Injury

If someone experiences harm on a construction site, they might have more than one option available to them. More than one party could be legally responsible for the cost of the injured person’s losses.

Injured Person’s Employer

Although most states require their employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees, Texas allows certain private employers to elect to be nonsubscribers. A diligent legal team can investigate to determine if the injured person’s employer was a nonsubscriber, which would allow them to file a civil lawsuit. While workers’ compensation laws prevent employees from suing their employers, injured people who work for nonsubscriber companies could be eligible to file a claim against their employer for financial damages. To prevail, the injured person and their attorneys would need to establish the employer acted negligently, which led to the employee’s injuries.

Third Parties

Many activities occur simultaneously on construction sites with various workers performing different types of jobs. Workers might get in each other’s way or make careless mistakes that make the construction site unsafe for other people.

People injured on construction worksites can often file claims against people other than their employers, such as the owner of the property where the accident occurred, the manufacturers of defective machinery or equipment, or subcontractors.

A seasoned New Braunfels lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of a work site accident to identify who is potentially legally responsible and help build a strong legal claim for compensation.

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Accidents on construction sites can result in significant losses that can upend your life. When your injuries force you to take time off from work or even prevent you from returning to your same line of work, you need help. Call an experienced Seguin construction accident lawyer today to get started on your financial recovery.

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